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a “big lack of judgment” on the part of CF Montreal, according to Legault


Under pressure from all political parties, CF Montreal terminated the agreement with Sandro Grande, who had been hired the day before as head coach of the reserve team.

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“We recognize that the hiring of Sandro Grande was a mistake and we regret the repercussions caused by this decision,” said Gabriel Gervais, President and CEO of CF Montreal, on Tuesday. We would like to offer our most sincere apologies to anyone who has been hurt or upset. Obviously, we lacked sensitivity and greatly underestimated the comments made and the actions he committed several years ago. »

Announced late yesterday, the hiring of Sandro Grande as head coach of the CF Montreal reserve team did not pass in Quebec.

Player Sandro Grande when he grabbed teammate Mauro Biello by the throat during Impact training in 2009.

Archival photo

Player Sandro Grande when he grabbed teammate Mauro Biello by the throat during Impact training in 2009.

The day after the Metropolis attack in 2012, Sandro Grande posted a message on Twitter where he said that: “The only mistake the shooter made last night was missing his target! Marois! Next time dude! I hope! “.

That evening, the assailant caused one death and one injury in an attack which targeted the new Prime Minister Pauline Marois and the militants of the Parti Québécois, who came to celebrate their electoral victory at the Metropolis, in Montreal.

Mr. Grande claims his account was hacked.

However, he admits having written on his Facebook account that the sovereignists were “hillbillies” and that the “separatists are so stupid that it is unimaginable”.

“Big lack of judgment”

“Mr. Grande has made unacceptable and hurtful comments in the past. His appointment is disrespectful and sends the wrong message. It’s a big lack of judgment on the part of CF Montreal, ”said the spokesperson for Mr. Legault before the withdrawal of the appointment of Sandro Grande.

One of the tenors of the CAQ government, Bernard Drainville, went even further in a message posted on Twitter. “I was at the Métropolis with Martine and Rosie. This guy shouldn’t be coaching the @cfmontreal writes the Minister of Education.

Unanimous political class

It was the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, who first denounced the hiring of Sandro Grande on Monday evening.

“Grande did not make a single trivial mistake or one tweet too many one evening, he repeatedly made filthy and criminal remarks targeting more than two million separatist Quebecers. This tacit endorsement by @cfmontreal is untenable and extremely uncomfortable,” he wrote on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, described this hiring as “unacceptable”. “The generic apologies released yesterday by CF Montreal are just as important. The coach and the club owe the separatists and Pauline Marois an apology,” he wrote.

Among the Liberals, parliamentary leader Marc Tanguay declared that “the appointment of Sandro Grande to CF Montreal is not acceptable”. “We must not trivialize the violent remarks he has made in the past. Sport should be used to promote values ​​of respect and solidarity,” he said.

Marwah Rizqy, her Liberal colleague, also said she “100% agrees” with Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. “Mme Pauline Marois was the victim of a political attack. Mme Marois stood in the face of terror, literally! It is up to us today to stand up,” she said.

A lip service apology

In the press release announcing his appointment Monday evening, Sandro Grande seemed to apologize lip service, without specifying the events to which he was referring.

“I made some serious mistakes and I am deeply sorry for disrespecting anyone. I learned a lot from them and I know that I am joining an organization where the values ​​of inclusion and diversity are fundamental. I think it’s important to use our personal experiences to continually improve and correct our past mistakes,” he said.

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