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A big problem between Pogba and Benzema!


Despite the fervor that surrounded his return to the France team in the summer of 2021, Karim Benzema was clearly not welcome for certain tricolor executives, including Paul Pogba, according to Daniel Riolo.

Karim Benzema preferred to say stop. Scarred by his withdrawal from the World Cup, and even more so by the conditions of this withdrawal, which he considers forced by Didier Deschamps, the Real Madrid striker has decided to put an end to his career in the national team. France. And this without even waiting to know the fate of the tricolor coach, certainly tipped to succeed himself, but whose future nevertheless remains uncertain.

But Didier Deschamps will not have been Karim Benzema’s only “problem” in the France team. The former Lyonnais also had to deal with the mistrust on the part of many Blues executives and not just Olivier Giroud, his historic rival at the forefront of the tricolor attack. Despite the dispute between the two men, the former Gunner was ultimately one of the executives who best accommodated the presence of the Madrid player.

Pogba doesn’t like him

And according to Daniel Riolo, even more than Antoine Griezmann or Hugo Lloris, pointed out by journalist Romain Molina, it was Paul Pogba who was the most upset by the return of Karim Benzema to the Blues. “Benzema was a problem. First because he knew Pogba didn’t like him. Pogba and Benzema don’t fit. And Griezmann too. He’s not crazy about Benzema, but the big problem was with Pogba, thus launched Daniel Riolo at the microphone of RMC Sport. But in the idea of ​​running after the result, before the Euro, Deschamps finds that the Blues, it works less well. And he considers that it can go wrong. Benzema having become a completely unavoidable player, the idea arises that Benzema should perhaps be recalled. »

Didier Deschamps nevertheless had a plan in mind. “And as he feels that things are not going very well, if ever at the Euro it does not go well, we will fuck that on Benzema’s face. This is the calculation that Deschamps made at that time, he continued. Except that at the Euro, things are not going well, but Benzema is one of the best. So Deschamps’ calculation is not good. He is obliged to continue with Benzema and in addition he is still very strong. In the League of Nations, it is still one of the best. Deschamps therefore finds himself a bit of a prisoner, and he is forced to move forward with Benzema. Especially since there is popular pressure. »


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