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a sports marketing expert deplores the accumulation of bad decisions


The decision to hire Sandro Grande adds to a pile of controversial choices from CF Montreal over the past few years and the bond of trust in the organization is crumbling, says Frank Pons, director of the Observatoire international en management du sport.

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Whether it’s the Grande case, the change of logo and name, the spat with the ultras or other events that have caused ink to flow, CF Montreal often finds itself in hot water. .

Mr. Pons, who is particularly interested in sports marketing and brand issues, believes that wear and tear can end up hurting.

“It is above all the number of bad decisions that is gradually undermining confidence in the organization. It is not this decision more than another that will last over time. It is the accumulation of misunderstood decisions that make people wonder about the way this organization works,” he explained in an interview with the Log.

Lack of consideration

For Mr. Pons, it is difficult to conceive that a professional organization established for so long could have lacked such flair in the hiring of Sandro Grande, after his controversial remarks, even if these date from 2012.

“Any sports team that gets involved in the society around it, whether in Quebec or elsewhere, must take into consideration the local and national political aspects that have an impact on its clientele. The decision was not to give much weight to that and it’s a bad decision.

Like Logan Mailloux

In the eyes of the full professor in the marketing department of Laval University, this case is reminiscent of a recent thorny file with the Canadian.

“The subject is different, but it reminds us of when the Canadiens drafted Logan Mailloux. It is a choice that throws oil on the fire. In both cases, the organizations decided that the sporting criterion was more important to them,” he said.

“Did we really need him (Sandro Grande) as a coach? He is certainly very qualified. The organization felt it would be in the public eye, but I’m not sure the risk was worth it.”

All that said, Frank Pons believes the current discontent, as it always is in sport, will not last forever.

“The image will not be negative forever because for any team, even in the event of a scandal, sport is proof of everything when it resumes. Are we going to continue talking about these bad decisions? Only if the team has poor sporting results.

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