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Acknowledge the Metropolis Political Terrorist Attack


On September 4, 2012, a terrorist entered Metropolis with the political motivation to carry out a mass shooting. His objective: to assassinate Pauline Marois, the new democratically elected Prime Minister, deputies and as many sovereignists as possible. This is precisely the definition of terrorism.

Richard Henry Bain said he would have fired as long as he could if his gun had not jammed. He wanted to burn down the Metropolis. We came within a hair’s breadth of Quebec’s greatest carnage.

“Armed with assault rifles, explosives, and enough ammunition to equip a small army, he tried to bring democracy to its knees,” according to Crown prosecutor Denis Galiatsatos.

Let us recall the memory of Denis Blanchette, murdered, and technician Dave Courage, seriously injured.

Sandro Grande and CF Montreal

“The only mistake the shooter made last night was missing his target! ! ! Marois! ! ! Next time dude! I hope ! “. These are the racist and hateful comments published by Sandro Grande.

How could CF Montreal believe that it was okay to hire a man who had incited hatred as the coach of its reserve team? A man who publicly encouraged the attempted murder? It remains incomprehensible. Fortunately, the CF retracted, excused. It was the right thing to do.

terrorist political attack

It is often said that Quebecers are a nation of water carriers who get spit in their faces without flinching. But there, unanimously, we stood up.

Ten years later, the blunder of CF Montreal reminds us that “Bain committed one of the worst crimes in the modern history of our country”, as pleaded by the representative of the Crown at his trial.

This blunder must do useful work. It is time to name this event for what it was: a political terrorist attack. As described by the Crown during the trial, “Bain is a terrorist”. History must remember this forever. The National Assembly must decide on this so that no one can trivialize this event.

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