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Amazon responds to Blanche Gardin… by not mentioning the show


It is a speech that has caused a lot of ink to flow. In an open letter published Thursday April 20 on social networks, Blanche Gardin had announced that she refused to participate in the program “LOL: who laughs comes out”, broadcast on Amazon.

The actress explained that she had been offered a fee of €200,000 “for a day’s work”, when the charity of her choice would receive “only” €50,000. “As an actress and filmmaker, I cherish the slightly crazy dream that my projects could be released in a cinema. […] You will agree that to advertise your platform (since that is what it is, I believe) would be like shooting me in the foot, ”she added, speaking directly to Jeff Bezos , owner of Amazon.

“False and inaccurate comments”

The platform counter-attacked… while not saying a word about the show. “Blanche Gardin’s statement published on social networks contains false and inaccurate comments about Amazon,” she reacted in a statement sent to Telegram, before discussing her “green” projects “to achieve the carbon neutrality by 2040”.

In addition, Amazon specifies that it supports, in France, “the growth of more than 13,000 small and medium-sized enterprises which sell on Amazon and have created more than 35,000 jobs (…). We offer our more than 20,000 employees in France a safe and modern working environment, with competitive wages and excellent benefits. The American giant also specifies paying its “fair share of taxes, which amounted to 1 billion euros in 2021”.

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