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‘Anyone that wants my obituary shall die for my sake’- Kemi Afolabi fires back at those wishing her death


‘Anyone who wants my obituary should die for my sake’- Kemi Afolabi fires back at those who wish her dead, #obituary #die #sake #Kemi #Afolabi #fire #wishes #death Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

Nigerian actress Kemi Afolabi has fired back at those who go on social media pronouncing her death.

Kemi Afolabi who is receiving treatment for Lupus Disease, shares a photo with a prayer point wishing those who wish her death to die for her sake.

The post reads:

Kemi Afolabi should not die but live to declare God’s purpose in her life.

Anyone/power that wants her obituary should die for her sake.

Every plan of the wicked against Kemi Afolabi must backfire and the victory will remain Kemi Afolabi’s

She captions the post with:

Especially any fake blogs on any social media platforms especially YouTube/Facebook ever wrote RiP on my uploaded pictures to build traffic from clicks and views just to earn money.


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