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As ‘The Flash’ edges ever closer, the disconnect between success and accountability grows


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The Flash is shaping up to be one of DC’s best offerings in years, but if the film succeeds, will it set a new precedent on how studios should approach working with abusive or volatile actors?

With all this hype surrounding The Flash, it can be easy to forget that this time last year, Ezra Miller was on a mad crime spree like they were living a real-life Grand Theft Auto. The actor has kept a relatively low profile in the months since, and DC has finally decided that now is the time to release the much anticipated Flash solo movie — the film Miller had just finished shooting before deciding they wanted to become a supervillain.

The point of contention with many DC fans now is that the movie actually looks like it will be good. In fact, it looks like it will be more than good. By all accounts from those who’ve seen it, the film is fantastic. And that raises the issue, if The Flash does well with audiences, what do we do with Ezra Miller?

Some may be willing to just gloss over their past actions and let bygones be bygones, especially if Miller’s performance is particularly good. It would be easy as an audience member to conveniently forget what the actor got up to last year — or simply forgive them just so we have hope of another great Flash movie with the same cast. However, the thing Ezra Miller has done can’t really be overlooked, and it’s not really our place to forgive them. 

It’ll be difficult for some, and the studio may reconsider its options, but if the movie is a success, it shouldn’t be a free pass for Miller to return so easily to Hollywood. One concerned fan brought the topic up in the DC Cinematic subreddit and related it to the drama going on over at Marvel right now. 

“if Ezra shows a good enough actor/movie can succeed despite the criminal accusations or convictions (no idea if anything has stuck on that guy yet in terms of charges) would that tell Disney that Jonathan majors is worth keeping despite his own legal troubles?”

The situation is difficult because the studios behind these movies could interpret box-office success as a pardon from the general audience. However, it’s important to remember that no matter how good a movie or an actor’s performance is, that does not exonerate them. The Flash was already filmed before Miller’s actions, so that is part of the reason the film is being released. 

Jonathan Majors has yet to film The Kang Dynasty; working with an actor after their actions have been exposed is the real problem, and neither studio wants to do that. Once the scenes already shot with them have been used, WB and Disney should look to replace these actors.

Fellow fans in the subreddit didn’t seem to think The Flash would create a problem. Both actors are facing the consequences of their actions right now. While Majors hasn’t admitted to anything, if it turns out he is guilty, there’s no doubt Disney will make the right decision to replace him.

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