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Austin McBroom taking break from boxing after loss to AnEsonGib


Austin McBroom has announced an indefinite break from boxing following his defeat in the match with AnEsonGib. Lovers of the boxing influence kept waiting to have a good fight in the boxing ring for a long time. Which happened when Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib came face to face with each other. However, it was McBroom who was to taste defeat. But is he taking a break instead?

Read on to know more about Austin McBroom taking an indefinite hiatus after his match with AnEsonGib.

Austin McBroom vs. AnEsonGib battle

There were several influencer boxing matches that did not take place as scheduled. Sometimes health issues and sometimes weight issues stopped the matches. However, luckily we had one match happen last week and that was the Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib match.

The McBroom vs. AnEsonGib game was scheduled to take place on September 10 at Banc of California Stadium, Los Angeles. In the match however, AnEsonGib defeated McBroom in the fourth round and knocked him down five times.

Austin McBroom breaks the silence after his loss to AnEsonGib

While AnEsonGib fans had a nice match between Gib and McBroom. The latter is definitely not ready to fight anymore at least for a while. As he recently spoke about his loss to AnEsonGib on September 15th.

McBroom said that Catherine Paiz, his wife was not happy with his boxing work. While she also said that their YouTube channel was also not the same since McBroom started giving time to boxing. Meanwhile, after this McBroom finally decided what he wanted to do.

Austin McBroom announces an indefinite break from boxing

Recently not only McBroom shared what his wife felt about his boxing career. But he himself shared some other things about the same. As he said the AnEsonGib fight made him “humble”. In addition, he continued to share his plans for the future as he announced what he plans to do now.

McBroom said he will now be focusing on his content and family on YouTube. He would spend quality time with his family as he would be planning vacations and trips with them during this break. But he is not leaving boxing as he would return to the boxing ring in the future. However for now, he needs a break.

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