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Bad Bunny’s San Antonio Tickets, Price, Date, and Where to buy?


Bad Bunny is keeping all fans happy with the ongoing tour as he next hits San Antonio. Well, fans have been waiting for Bad Bunny’s World Hottest Tour which was supposed to happen this year. The tour already started on the 5th of August and will last until the 10th of December.

Read on to know more about Bad Bunny’s tour in San Antonio and all his updates.

Most Bad Bunny World Tour 2022

Bad Bunny’s World Hottest Tour kicked off in the month of August. The singer’s ongoing tour is having two legs. One that will be held in the United States. While the other part will be taking place in Latin America. A total of 43 shows are supposed to take place in this tour.

So, for the following dates, mark your calendar with September 9, 14, 17, 18, 23, 24, 28, 30, and more in October. The venues for the tour have been announced along with ticket details for the tour. So, don’t miss to check that here.

What will be unique about the Bad Bunny tour?

Bad Bunny’s next tour will take him to perform at AT & T Stadium, Arlington, TX on September 9th. Then he eventually loved performing in Oakland, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Inglewood, Mexico, and more.

The set list for the August 5th Bad Bunny tour has also been announced. Which had names like Moscow Mule, Me Porto Bonito, In Ratito, and more. Although the names for other tour dates have not yet been released. However we may have that announced soon.

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Bad Bunny tour tickets

Just in case, you don’t want to miss the upcoming Bad Bunny tour dates, especially the San Antonio one. Then last minute tickets are available on the Ticketmaster website. So, that you can grab your tickets. Additionally, you can also find it on Seat Geek, Vivid Seats, StubHub, and more.

Tickets may however cost differently on different websites. You can have last minute resale San Antonio tickets for $190/attendee up to $1000. As you can visit the mentioned website and you can check the ticket prices there. Not to be missed, ticket packages and two-packs are also available.

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