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BBN: “Every Boy & Girl In This House Sees Me As A Competition. They Want To Evict Me” – Chomzy


BBN: “Every Boy and Girl In This House Sees Me As Competition. They Want To Evict Me” – Chomzy, #BBN #quotEvery #Child #amp #Tfajla #Dar #Watch #Competition #Evict #Mequot #Chomzy Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

After yesterday’s sponsored task, Chomzy was seen having a brief conversation with Adekunle near the storage room. She told Adekunle how she knows she is a competition/threat and everyone in the house knows it.

According to Chomzy, every boy and girl in the house wants her evicted because of her competitive spirit as she has won various tasks in the house. She went on to tell Adekunle that it is also because of this reason that she was nominated for eviction.

She said, “Adekunle do you know that every boy and girl in this house wants me evicted? They see me as competition because of the tasks I have won and they are afraid.

“At first I thought it was only girls but after winning today’s job I concluded that both boys and girls want me out of the house. Now I know why I was nominated”.

However, Adekunle assured her that even if she leaves, those who are not destined to win tasks will not win tasks because she is not stopping anyone from winning.

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Source: Big Brother Naija

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