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Brentford boss Thomas Frank: Ivan Toney remains ‘laser focused’ | Jamie Carragher: He’s one of the best strikers in the PL


Brentford manager Thomas Frank hailed Ivan Toney’s ability to stay focused after converting his 22nd penalty for the club in their 3-2 win over Fulham, while Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher said the player 26 years old was one of the best strikers. Premier League.

Toney scored his 15th league goal of the season as in-form Brentford moved within a point of neighbors Fulham, seventh, in the race for a surprise European place.

The Brentford striker, part of an ongoing FA betting deal, presented a player of the match display, complete with his penalty technique, the MNF studio post-match speech after scoring a 10th Premier penalty League on 10 attempts.

Toney has scored his 10 Premier League penalties

Frank pointed to Toney’s “unique” ability to stay focused despite the case he faces off the pitch.

Asked about Toney’s successful penalty technique, Frank joked that sky sports: “I take all the praise, it’s only me.”

He added: “No it’s Ivan, it’s the technique he had when he arrived at Brentford. He’s the best penalty taker in the world and I’m glad I started saying that enough He is for several reasons, his strategy, he practices it and he is very cool, he continues to do it anyway.

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Thomas Frank was full of praise for Toney after he was named player of the match in Brentford’s 3-2 win over Fulham

“It’s a unique skill with him, I think in general before that situation with the case going before that unique ability to focus on games and training and he continued to do that so it didn’t surprise me. No. He doesn’t like the situation, but he has priority.

“He’s always aware of what’s going on around him. He never switches off. It’s linked to the fact that if something happens off the pitch you can see that focus both on and outside the field.

“He’s a special footballer, I think his character is unique in terms of leadership and driving his team. His link-up play and the way he sees his teammates in terms of combinations and then his ability to score goals He is a versatile football player.”

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“I have a place and it’s in the back of the net”

Brentford striker Ivan Toney talks to Sky Sports about his penalty technique:

“The wait doesn’t matter, the longer the better really because I calm down and get away and think about other things like being on vacation and relaxing.

“The keeper didn’t move but I always had a place where I put the ball and that’s in the back of the net.

“There is no panic, calm down and think about what you are going to do when you score.

“I only changed the way I took penalties after missing one. I thought of different techniques to make sure I had a better chance of scoring. It’s working well so far and it’s still going.”

Carra analyzes Toney’s penalty technique

Brentford's Ivan Toney scores his side's second goal against Fulham from the penalty spot
Toney scores Brentford’s second goal against Fulham from the penalty spot

Carragher went on to analyze Toney’s penalty technique and he believes goalkeepers who come up against the striker have a thankless job trying to deny him on the spot.

“I go back to when I was a kid watching football and the first person I saw doing something similar was John Aldridge, who used to have a stuttering run, waiting that the goalkeeper dives and then puts it on the other side,” he told Monday Night Football.

“It’s different because it’s such a short run. The courage he shows comes from the confidence to score so often.

Toney’s incredible penalty record…

Excluding shootouts, Ivan Toney has converted all of his 22 penalty attempts for Brentford in all competitions, while only Yaya Toure (11/11) has a better record of 100 per cent of the place in Premier League history than Ivan Tony (10/10) .

“He doesn’t believe he’s going to miss a penalty and I don’t think any goalkeeper thinks he’s going to save it with that technique.

“Yaya Touré scored more, but I don’t think his technique was that specialized or one-sided.

“I don’t know how you prepare for it if you’re a goalkeeper. We know the stats they get now on where players take penalties. We see goalkeepers in penalty shootouts with takers on their water bottles.

“I’m sure if you’re a goalkeeper taking on Brentford you’ll have a plan throughout the week, but I’m not sure what you do. If you dive early he just puts it in the other corner If you don’t move, you won’t go to the corner when he puts it there.

Brentford boss Thomas Frank: Ivan Toney remains 'laser focused' | Jamie Carragher: He's one of the best strikers in the PL | Soccer News

He’s just super confident. That’s what you need to be if you shoot penalties like he does.

Sky Sports’ Karen Carney on Ivan Toney’s penalty record

“When you grow up as a kid and you listen to your coaches or your dad about certain things, you’re always told, if you take a penalty, have a decent run, put your foot through and know where you’re going to put it before you pick it up. Don’t change your mind on the way up.

“He’s doing the complete opposite of that. He’s waiting for the keeper. He doesn’t know where he’s going to put him until the very last second. I think young kids now aren’t going to take the advice I’ve been given. given.

“He knocked it down, where the keeper is really scared to go because he knows he’s going to leave half the goal empty. He knocked down the mentality and the psyche of taking a penalty between the taker and the goalie.”

Carra: Toney one of the best strikers in the Premier League | “He’s not just a goalscorer”

Ivan Toney
Toney has scored 15 league goals for Brentford so far this season

Carragher went on to call Toney one of the best strikers in the Premier League, saying his game was not just about goals.

“He’s one of the best offensive players in the league,” Carragher said.

“I don’t say that lightly because I know there are a lot of great players in the league, but when I see some of the things he does, he’s a versatile footballer.

“I still can’t believe he didn’t go to the World Cup. I understand England have a lot of better players, but I definitely would have taken him.

“It’s not because of the number of goals he scores, but because of the influence he has in a game, especially for Brentford.

“His heist game and bringing in players, he’s very reminiscent of Harry Kane in some ways.

“When you watch Kane play we know he’s one of the best goalscorers we’ve seen in the Premier League, but I consider him a great player.

“I consider Ivan Toney a great player. He’s not just a goalscorer. There’s more to his game than just a goalscorer.”

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