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Capitol Records drops AI rapper FN Meka amid social media outrage


Capitol Records has cut ties with AI rapper FN Meka less than two weeks after adding the computer-generated rap artist to their roster.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Capitol Records leaves rapper AI’s project

Capitol Records recently announced that they are dropping FN Meka, a virtual rapper.

The decision comes after FN Meka received criticism for its racist stereotypes. He came under attack for appropriating the Black community. In addition, he allegedly deplores police brutality.

A representative for the major record label released a statement on Tuesday to confirm the news.

They wrote, ‘CMG has severed ties with the FN Mecca project, effective immediately.’

Capitol Music Group added, ‘We offer our deepest apologies to the Black community for our insensitivity in signing this project without asking enough questions about the equity and creative process behind it.’

In addition, they said, ‘We thank those who reached out to us with constructive feedback in the last few days. Your input was invaluable as we decided to end our association with the project.’

Why did rapper AI FN Meka come under fire?

Certain music fans accused FN Meka of stealing from the Black community after Capitol announced that they had signed a deal with the AI ​​rapper.

A Social media user shared a picture on the internet showing FN Meka being beaten by virtual police in prison.

The virtual rapper described the post with a title that read, ‘This guard keeps beating me with his bat because he won’t snitch. I’m not a rat. Life in prison is so depressing.’

Additionally, Industry Blackout also addressed the issue on Tuesday.

They shared, “This digital effigy is a careless abomination and disrespectful to real people who face real consequences in real life.”

The collective continued to mention, ‘For example, Gunna, a Black artist who appears in a song, is currently in prison for rapping the same type of lyrics that this robot imitates. The difference is, your artificial rapper will not be subject to federal charges for such.’

In addition, the group previously asked social media users to share black squares because of the killing of George Floyd.

Meanwhile, a user commented, ‘The AI ​​rapper is the natural progression of the digital blackface I’ve been talking about for years.’

A second user said, “fn Meka is literally just blackface lmao there is no nuance.”


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