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Cardi B hit back at former UFC fighter Jake Shields over Andrew Tate comparison


Cardi B is once again in the spotlight after her comment clapping back at the former UFC fighter regarding the infamous Andrew Tate comparison. Tate has been banned from most social media platforms for his misogynistic comments. A post that, one of the former UFC fighter ended up comparing Cardi B to Tate. That definitely didn’t go over well with Cardi.

Read on to find out more about Cardi B reacting to the former UFC fighter for comparing her to Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate and his controversies

Andrew Tate, who was very popular as a kickboxer has recently been targeted with his controversies of comments. When his comparison was with Cardi B. Andrew Tate attracted a lot of attention with his comments in the past that eventually resulted in his ban on many social media platforms.

His comments were though hateful and disrespectful towards women. As one of his comments he said that the victims of sexual harassment should “bear” some responsibility. A post that created a lot of buzz on social media. He is even getting banned on TikTok, Instagram, twitter and Facebook, and YouTube.

Former UFC fighter compares Cardi B to Andrew Tate

However, after so many years, Andrew Tate’s controversial comments are back in the spotlight. Her reason goes to former UFC fighter Jake Shields. It was on August 18th when Jake ended up comparing Cardi B to Andrew Tate in his tweets. His tweets defended Tate.

In the tweets still on his Twitter page he says “People are freaking out about little boys looking at Andrew Tate but totally fine with girls looking at Cardi B and the Kardashians”. He had another tweet saying “Cardi B is going to do drugs, fu*k random men, and go through life as a brain dead moron”.

Cardi B reacts to Jake Shields’ comment on her

Post the comment of the former UFC fighter, Jake Shields, Cardi B confronted him. Where her tweet which is not available now says “I’m married, I don’t smoke weed, I don’t do pills, I don’t do coke, I’m a mother of two and I do a lot of charity. works…”. “But hey, let me put Cardi in it to defend a man who defends misogyny and ra*e”.

Although, after Cardi B’s comment on Jake Shields, netizens have been waiting to have an answer from Jake as well.

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