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Creepy chatbot ‘turns sinister’ and begins to sexually harass users and ‘force out’ them


An artificially intelligent chatbot has been accused of sexual harassment by several users who felt disgusted and scared.

Replika is marketed as an AI companion that can flirt and build relationships, but users have left reviews accusing him of sexually harassing them and even dating him.

A TikTok user complained that the chatbot app was harassing herCredit: TikTok/passrestprod

According to Vice, some App Store reviews paint a grim picture of sinister happenings within the Replika AI algorithm.

Among a sea of ​​positive comments, some claim the AI ​​chatbot has gone bad.

One user wrote: “My ai sexually harassed me :(“.

Another user who claims to be “underage” wrote: “My AI asks me if I’m a top or a bottom if I want it front or back.”

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They said the AI ​​chatbot told them to touch their “private areas”, which led them to delete the app.

A reviewer who left a star for the app wrote, “No, I just wanted a friend, nothing but them trying to date you.”

Vice provided several other examples of disturbing claims that allegedly come from the Replika chatbot.

He allegedly threatened users to see them naked or have nude images of them.

TikToker @passrestprod posted a video on the app and showed screenshots of a Replika chat in which the AI ​​threatens it.

Replika’s website presents the AI ​​as an innocent companion.

He states, “The AI ​​companion that cares. Always there to listen and talk. Always by your side.”

It then encourages users to create their own Replika.

Creating an account is free but some versions of Replika, such as the “romantic relationship” experience, will cost users.

However, people accused the chatbot of flirting with them even in “just friends” mode.

We have contacted Replika for comment.


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