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Dag Heward Mills Reveals The Importance Of Vision & Dreams To The Success Of Your Ministry


Dag Heward Mills Reveals The Importance Of Vision And Dreams For The Success Of Your Ministry, #Dag #Heward #Mills #Reveals #Importance #Vision #amp #Dreams #Succcess #Ministry Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

Dag Heward Mills is the founder and presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Group of Churches based in Ghana. The clergy took to his verified Facebook page to share a message about the importance of visions and dreams for the advancement of the believer’s ministry in the world.

According to the clergy, he stressed in his words that, it is not possible to do a full trial of your ministry without visions and dreams. Living in blindness and darkness will not help you in ministry. In this regard, your eyes need to be opened to see visions that will guide you in the detailed steps of your ministry.

As a believer who has a ministry to oversee for God, you must be properly connected to the holy spirit, so that every step you need to take in your ministry is revealed before you spiritually. It will be very difficult to run your ministry without God’s direction which can only be fulfilled through vision and dreams.

Also, as shared by the clergy, he revealed that an immediate effect of the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life is to see visions and have dreams. Through this, you can be properly connected to the decisions and the exact ways you should go about fulfilling the divine mandate that has been established for you to fulfill for God on earth.

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