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Departure of a prominent Mexican television presenter. Will unbiased coverage go with it?


In these polarized times, refusing to take sides can be lonely. “Nobody encourages me,” she says. “It’s not a comfortable place to be.”

Ms. Maerker will remain executive producer of her program, which will be anchored by longtime CBS correspondent Enrique Acevedo. She said she was walking away partly because she wanted to leave the sanctuary of her leading role.

Being an anchor, she said, brings the comfort of knowing that what you do matters. “It’s like your existential question has been answered,” she said. “I’m more tempted to risk that and do something else.”

In the end, even she couldn’t escape the president’s wrath.

On a Thursday in December, gunmen tried to kill Ciro Gómez Leyva, another prominent news anchor, shooting his car multiple times. Mr. Gómez Leyva escaped unscathed.

The following night, Ms Maerker and other journalists released a video condemning the attack and the country’s insecurity, reading from a script she helped write. Mr. López Obrador went on the offensive, calling out Ms. Maerker for the first time, she said.

The president hinted that she was part of a group of journalists who were ‘mouthpieces for conservatism’, part of an ‘elite’ who earn huge salaries and have ‘a mission to protect interests’ .

Ms Maerker says she never watched the clip of the president attacking her.

“I haven’t watched it, because the president is amazing at making things personal, and he’s not,” she said. “They really aren’t.”

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