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Dog chained and abandoned without food or water for 3 days of freezing


A Rottweiler named Coco Puff gets some much-needed attention after being discovered abandoned in cruel conditions in a New Jersey backyard.

Monmouth County SPCA Executive Director Ross Licitra — who is currently caring for Coco Puff — told HuffPost by phone that the 3-year-old dog was found asleep on a concrete slab and tied to a railing with a very short chain leash.

She had no food or water and was likely frozen.

“She was literally exposed to the coldest, coldest day of the year,” Licitra told HuffPost. “It was rough.”

Licitra says Coco Puff’s owners left her on Dec. 24, one of the coldest Christmas Eves in state history. She sat there for three days before someone called the Neptune Township police and rescued her.

“[Her owners] would have been better if they just let Coco run, which of course we never want to say,” Licitra said. “But at least Coco could have found shelter or run to someone because she is such an incredibly charming and beautiful dog who is so friendly.”

A better look at the conditions Coco Puff was left in for three days.

Licitra told HuffPost that after speaking to the dog’s owners — Iquan Carson and Shonquel Lindsey — and their owner, he learned the couple had to leave their house on Christmas Eve because their pipes froze and they had stayed at a nearby hotel. He noted that although the couple stayed close, they never once left to check on their pet.

“They made no effort to find shelter or any type of food or anything for Coco,” Licitra said. “They just chained her to the railing and walked away. That’s all they did.

He said Coco Puff was “scared” and “confused” when she was finally picked up by them, but they determined after medical examinations that she was not hypothermic. Blood tests showed she may have kidney stones, as well as a genetic eye condition that affects her vision, according to a Monmouth County SPCA. Publish. Licitra noted that they initially thought Coco Puff was a 10-year-old dog, but discovered after examining her teeth that she was actually much younger.

Coco Puff, who is described by the rescue as ‘sweet, loyal and loving’, will continue to receive care at the Monmouth County SPCA but will eventually be available for adoption.

Licitra told HuffPost that her owners, Carson and Lindsey, have both been charged with two counts of animal cruelty — one for cruel coercion and another for failing to provide proper care.

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