Drake Shocks Internet As Alleged Sex Tape Leaks

After an alleged sex tape leaked online on Tuesday (February 6), Drake began trending for all the wrong reasons. The NSFW footage caused a rush of horrified replies on social media, with one individual remarking on X (previously Twitter): “Why do I see Drake private bits on my timeline????” Last year, No Jumper founder Adam22 claimed to have seen Drake’s genitals. The podcaster said he saw a picture that a woman showed her in her DMs.  “And the skin color matched up with the skin color that I would think Drake’s di_k would actually be,” said Adam. “And I’m not gonna lie — I’m sure you’re wondering right now, ‘Adam, was it big? Was it small?’ The man’s got a missile on him! Like a baby arm, if you will.”

Do you think celebrity sex tapes get leaked on purpose? Why would Drake leak his own sex tape?

First appeared on flodenver.com

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