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Drew Barrymore gets candid about The Drew Barrymore Show


Drew Barrymore seemed to be having a rough start in a recent interview with CBS4.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Drew Barrymore’s interview with CBS4

Drew Barrymore recently sat down with CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo for an interview where she mentioned that she is incapable of being fake.

Barrymore appeared to be out of breath at the start of the interview as she greeted, ‘Hi Lisa.’

Petrillo then asked her how she was doing and to which Barrymore who seemed concerned replied, “That’s how I am.”

Furthermore, the 47-year-old actress said, ‘I am incapable of faking and BS. If that’s the mood, I’m either way. I when you’re running with your hair on fire, that’s what it is. I hate people who fake it and say HI! I’m just great!’

In addition, it seems that viewers enjoy the authentic reality of the Emmy Award-winning businesswoman and find her relatable.

She further teased that The Drew Barrymore Show is all about optimistic television. Its main purpose is to deliver informative news to the audience and inspire them.

Regardless, Barrymore added, ‘I want to be a bright spot, not a blind spot. We are in hard times in the world and I would like this to be an antidote without pretending that we are not fully aware of everything that is happening.’

She went on to explain, ‘I also love comedy. It’s my coping mechanism, even if it’s done in real darkness.’

Drew Barrymore talks about Katy Perry

Drew Barrymore also revealed in the interview that Katy Perry’s songs helped her through some tough times.

She recalled, ‘When I was going through a divorce and moving from LA to New York and a career change, a lot came together. Me and my girls used to sing “Roar” and that was our song to make us feel that we were not lost or displaced. So, to say thank you to Katy Perry for this, it was such a gift.’

However, host Lisa Petrillo then asked if she has any secret methods to cope with pressure and stress.

The mother of two replied, ‘I have no interest in selling that I have this under control. Her messy life is messy so I’m trying to do my best but it doesn’t always look or feel perfect, that’s for sure.’

You can watch The Drew Barrymore Show on weekday mornings. It premieres at 9:30 am on CBS4, following CBS 4 News at 9 am.


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