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Elon Musk’s Birth Chart Explained


SOUTH AFRICAN businessman turned Canadian-American tech mogul Elon Musk is an enigma.

However, that hasn’t stopped us from trying to understand his personality traits and quirks through his birth chart.

Elon Musk may be an enigma, but that hasn’t stopped us from trying to figure out who he is through his horoscopeCredit: AFP

Sun in Cancer

Those with the Sun in Cancer are known to protect their egos and ideas.

They are symbolized by the crab, which has a tough exterior but is quite vulnerable without its shell.

Sun Cancers are also known to be incredibly tech-savvy and imaginative: sounds like Elon, right?

They are also known to want to get involved in everything until they get bored or backfired.

This can be seen in Elon’s takeover of Twitter and his recent decision to step down as CEO.

A person’s sun sign determines who they are on a general level, in terms of personality.

It manifests through general character traits and represents who you are to others.

Moon in Virgo

Those with the Moon in Virgo are known to be structured and successful when they have a solid routine.

They are also likely to be very analytical and are known for wanting to bring order out of chaos.

If the Virgo Moon feels she has a better way of doing things, she will speak her mind and make suggestions, even at the risk of sounding blunt.

Elon’s Moon in Virgo is evident when you consider his dating rules.

According to a 2018 email to Tesla employees, they are:

  • Excessive meetings are the bane of big business and almost always get worse over time. Please get rid of all large meetings unless you are sure they will bring value to the whole audience, in which case keep them very short.
  • Also get rid of frequent meetings, unless you are dealing with an extremely urgent matter. The frequency of meetings should drop quickly once the urgent matter is resolved.
  • Walk out of a meeting or drop a call as soon as it’s obvious you’re not adding value. It’s not rude to leave, it’s rude to make someone stay and waste their time.

In this example, we see Elon trying to divert his company’s time away from unnecessary meetings and spend more time on productivity, though some may consider his last point rude.

Your moon sign represents your emotions and your “inner self”.

However, from what we know of Elon, around 100 hours of his week is spent working, which means he may not have a lot of space between who he is emotionally and who he is. outside.

Mercury in Cancer

If you were born with your Mercury in Cancer, then you were born with your logical planet under the sign of emotions.

This means that your mind and mouth are often controlled by your gut reactions to things.

Mercury rules our routines, thoughts, and communication styles.

With his Mercury in Cancer, it’s no wonder Elon isn’t there for the superficial drama or the fluffy conversations.

Instead, he’s much more focused on getting his ideas out of his mind and into the world.

Your Mercury sign is about how you communicate your ideas to the world.

It may also represent the value you place on learning and new information.

Venus in Gemini

If you were born with your Venus in Gemini, you know how to multitask.

From juggling relationships to putting your toes in multiple side wiggles, you can handle the heat.

Elon is the king of the multitasking hustle.

He once told a reporter that he would rather be flown in his private jet from Los Angeles to Houston than drive because it maximized his working hours.

It comes from the same man who works to mass-produce eco-friendly cars; we assume that its C02 footprint will eventually be balanced.

Elon is also super curious and very intelligent, two traits of a Venus in Gemini.

Your Venus sign represents who and what you value.

It represents your passions in life and can be a driving force behind them.

It may also represent how you understand and experience pleasure.

Mars in Aquarius

Those with their Mars in Aquarius are often known for their original or offbeat ideas, followed by their equally wacky ways of making them happen.

They are futuristic thinkers driven by humanitarian ideas.

If the creation of Teslas wasn’t a big enough flex for futuristic thinkers, SpaceX probably is.

Your Mars sign represents your energy, your ambitions and your desire to achieve your goals.

It is also the sign that represents your sexuality.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter is the largest planet, and it is also considered to bring luck and good fortune.

Jupiter tends to expand the possibilities of luck and blessings in our lives.

Under Scorpio, these blessings are often found in a personality’s magnetic profile.

The Jupiter in Scorpio combination can bring an intensity that can seem obsessive.

Elon’s 100-hour workweeks and skipping breakfast to save time might sound like an “Elon” thing to do, but in reality, it could be his Jupiter in Scorpio.

He was so able to devote himself to his work that he turned the odds in his favor – this is the power of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Your Jupiter sign highlights areas of your life that might need a little extra work to do some magic.

Elon Musk's Saturn is in Gemini, That's What Determines How You Meet Your Responsibilities


Elon Musk’s Saturn is in Gemini, That’s What Determines How You Meet Your ResponsibilitiesCredit: Getty

Saturn in Gemini

If you were born with your Saturn in Gemini, you may be experiencing impostor syndrome.

Your brain is often scattered, thanks to your placement in Gemini, and the influx of excessive information from Saturn can cause you to question yourself.

While those with Saturn in Gemini have no problem being assertive in data-driven environments, they may struggle with things that can’t be quantified, like emotions.

Elon is tech-savvy, but when other people’s emotions come into play, he’s not always the most savvy.

Maybe that’s why he had ten children with many different women or was divorced several times.

Saturn can play a role in how one approaches responsibilities, including raising children.

It can also be about your moral obligations and how you act in a position of authority.

Uranus in Libra

If your Uranus is in Libra, you were probably born between 1968 and 1975.

This means your generation got along well with Uranus, often known as the rebellious, eccentric, and unconventional sign of breakthroughs and new standards.

Those with their Uranus in Libra often have drastically different value systems in their family life compared to the traditional marriages of their parents’ time.

Uranus was the first planet to be discovered in the modern era, making it a symbol of new ideas, progress, and innovation.

Those with their Uranus in Libra remember the invention of the internet, and many, like Elon, jumped on board and turned it into a fortune.

Uranus represents extremes and breakthroughs in your life.

It may not always be the most comfortable time (it has the lowest temperature of all the planets), but you’ll emerge triumphant if you’re not averse to change.

Neptune in Sagittarius

If your Neptune belongs to Sagittarius, you are probably idealistic and passionate about travel.

If this is the location of your Neptune sign, then mundane is not for you; you prefer to run after the peaks of new paths that have not yet been traveled.

This is very true of Elon in all versions of himself: he currently designs rockets for space travel, cars that drive and run on electricity, and runs a media platform. million dollar social benefits.

Any one of them would be a feat for most people, but with her Neptune in Sagittarius, that’s probably not the last of her outstanding accomplishments.

Your Neptune sign represents your imagination and your dreams.

It also represents your beliefs and your willingness to share them with others.

Pluto in Virgo

If your Pluto is in Virgo, you’re probably very detail-oriented.

You work hard and expect those around you to work as hard as you do.

You may seem aloof and cold, but that’s just because you’re extremely pragmatic in your approach to life.

Elon works hard, and if you need further proof of his expectations of his employees, you might want to revisit his expectations.

The planet Pluto is symbolic of your deepest secrets.

It is also a planet that represents your taboo interests and subconscious thoughts.

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