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France thwarts the German trap and joins the last four of the competition


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After a kick-off delayed by about twenty minutes, the Blues took time to get into the game before winning against Germany (35-28). France will meet Sweden for a place in the final.

Guillaume Gille’s Les Bleus raised their arms to heaven and climbed to the semi-finals of the World Cup thanks to their victory against Germany (35-28). However the first act of the meeting was very complicated for the France team, mistreated by the defense of its opponent and in particular by the German goalkeeper, Andreas Wolff. The French quickly fall behind by four goals in the 15th minute of play (7-11).

But little by little, the Olympic champions of Tokyo have nibbled their delay before indulging in a real “mano a mano” throughout the first act. At the break, French and Germans parted back to back (16-16, 30th).

At the start of the second half, Andreas Wolff continued to disgust the tricolor offensives … before it was Remi Desbonnet who multiplied to chain the parades throughout the second act. Author of 12 saves, the 30-year-old substitute goalkeeper was the “X factor” in the awakening and victory of the Blues in this quarter-final.

In its wake, the French took the lead in scoring before widening the gap with wear and tear until the end of the game. In the end, Dika Mem and his family won (35-28) and offered two additional games to get a medal.

A start-up delay

Scheduled for 8:30 p.m., this quarter-final between France and Germany started at 8:52 p.m. sharp. A delay of 22 minutes caused by the match between Norway and Spain where the two teams needed two extensions to decide.

Finally the Spaniards took over (35-34) and will face Denmark for a place in the final. The France team will challenge Sweden this Friday, January 27 (9 p.m.).


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