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Group Of Former ‘X-factor’ Contestants Planning To Sue Simon Cowell Company Syco


Simon Cowell is an English television personality, entrepreneur, and record executive. It is the maker of The X Factor and Got Talent shows that were sold all over the world. He has judged on the British television talent show called Pop Idol from 2001-2003, The X Factor UK from 2004-2010, 2014-2018 and Britain’s Got Talent from 2007-present, and the show gave -American television talent such as American Idol from 2002-2010, The X Factor US from 2011-2013, and America’s Got Talent from 2006-present. Simon Cowell is the pioneer and sole owner of the British entertainment company Syco.

Simon Cowell’s company SyCo is facing a lawsuit as six former X Factor contestants have revealed they intend to seek more than £1m in damages over the terrible experience they say they endured on the show.

Simon Cowell, who was once dubbed the ‘Mr Nasty’ of British TV, was famous for his blunt and direct remarks on X Factor, during which the contestants’ feelings did not seem to be spared. Despite this, six former contestants of the show X-Factor have now revealed that they will sue his entertainment company SyCo for alleged bullying, ill-treatment and neglect.

Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images

Simon Cowell Company SyCo It is being sued by the ex-contestants of the show X-Factor

Simon Cowell’s production company is facing a multi-million dollar claim from former contestants on the reality talent show known as the X Factor, a report says. The Daily Mirror reports that the television show, which has been running for quite some time, has caused discouragement for the five independent contestants and one group.

One of the previous artists discussed ‘tears, injury and anxiety’ and each of the six acts is claiming that The X Factor is ongoing and has led to the alleged bullying, mistreatment and neglect. The claimants are moving to a law office with the aim of suing for a total sum in excess of £1 million (NZ$1.92 million).

The report does not name the people in question, however it does say that one petitioner described the experience of going to the show as a horrendous experience that caused suffering for years. Me and five previous acts agreed to unite and get the justice we believe we deserve. The artist added that each of the six felt that their acquisition potential was restricted by the reliable impacts of their supposed trauma.

Simon Cowell needs to take responsibility, elaborated the claimant in the Daily Mirror. We’ve lost a load of cash from having times of our lives where we don’t get money to deal with trauma that actually pushed through the show.

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