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How my bestie I helped get a job told my fiancé I’ve done 14 abortions – Lady cries out


How my bestie helped me get a job I told my boyfriend I had 14 abortions – Lady cries out, #bestie #helped #job #told #fiancé #Ive #abortions #Lady #cries Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

A woman who lost her relationship with her boyfriend because her best friend betrayed her trust, describes how it broke her heart.

She comes from a wealthy family, lived a licentious and carefree lifestyle, and eventually had 14 abortions, according to the grieving narrator.

She revealed that after they both completed their undergraduate degrees, she helped a childhood friend get a position in a company through her father’s connection.

Since they were close she had confided her secrets to her friend who advised her to inform her fiancee about the abortions, but the lady had declined completely, saying that everything is in her past now.

Soon after, her boyfriend started acting awkward around her, giving evasive answers when she asked.

The boyfriend then asked to meet. When they did he asked her about abortions; she denied, saying she wasn’t counting and didn’t know the exact number, only for the boyfriend to play the audio message she had sent to her bestie.

Read her full narration below:

“I’m crying as I type this. Let me tell you my background. I came from a rich family. My parents are rich but divorced. My father remarried. Nobody takes my time. I started to live a random life. I had s3x for fun and ended up having 14 abortions. I am engaged to be married to a doctor. I stopped my bad lifestyle. There is this childhood of mine. We grew up together. She taught me how to cook and be a homemaker. She made me a better person. We attended the same school. After our service, I immediately took them to my dad’s connection. I asked my father and they also hired my best. So we both work in a major telecom company with fat salaries. We don’t hide anything from each other. She advised me to tell my boyfriend about the 14th abortion and I told her that it is not necessary as it is now my past. My best friend was actually the one who planned the surprise proposal. Our wedding is scheduled in October and all of a sudden, my boyfriend started acting weird, acting busy and getting angry unnecessarily. I went to see him and asked what was going on. He said he wanted space. Who doesn’t think the wedding will last. I got angry and left. I told my bestie about it and she asked me to give it time. That he will come around. I kept calling him and he finally came 2 days ago and asked how many abortions I had. I was shocked and rejected it. I told him I wasn’t counting but it can’t be more than 5. Only for my boyfriend to play an audio of my discussion with my bestie. My bestie who I have loved all my life is gone and she told my boyfriend that I have had 14 abortions. I am so sad. I used to cry. I don’t even have an appetite to eat. My boyfriend said that speaking from a medical point of view, my womb is weak and cannot carry the baby. My bestie even called me to ask if everything is okay since she didn’t see us in the office. I just smiled and told her yes. Nurse chi, I’m broken. I don’t even know how to move forward. How to win back my boyfriend. How do I pay a girl I think is my best back?”


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