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how to see who views your TikTok profile in 2022?


TikTok has been getting popular day by day as now fans are looking for the feature in it to see who has viewed their profile. Since we have many social media platforms that have this feature to see the list of people who have seen his profile. Even some time back, we had this feature on TikTok. But is it still there?

Read on to know more about TikTok having the feature to see who has viewed their profile.

Tiktok and its huge user base

Tiktok over the years has become one of the most popular social media platforms. As of now billions of users are using the app. The popular app has a variety of content on it. Be it a hack, a recipe, a dance challenge, or even something serious to share.

Moreover, the feature of the app has made it even more popular. As we have various filters, and profile related features to use on the app. But, what the users were missing is the feature of TikTok where one could see who saw their profile. Although this feature previously existed on the app. However, later this was all removed.


Does TikTok have the “who viewed their profile” feature?

Every app gets its new version from time to time. Also, there were several social media platforms that had the feature of seeing who viewed their profile. TikTok also had this feature but later that feature ended up missing. However, now users are busy thinking that we have this feature in the latest version of TikTok or not.

Also, the feature exists for various users as we have had reports about the same in this year alone. However, not all users can use this feature. Since only some of them reported that they could use it. For videos too, one can see how many times a video is watched. But they may not see exactly who watched their videos.

How to use the “profile view” feature on TikTok?

In order to use the feature of who has seen your profile on TikTok. You need to enable the same feature in your app. As long as this feature works in your app. So, if you have this then go to the TikTok app.

Click on your profile and there select the eye icon. Then you have to turn that on. After that you will be able to see who viewed your TikTok profile. Only from there you can turn off this feature as well.

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