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Hyundai Aura price, dimensions, powertrain differences compared


We compare the Aura facelift against its competition in the compact sedan segment.

Published On Jan 24, 2023 08:00:00 AM

Hyundai has launched the facelift of its popular compact sedan, the Aura at Rs 8.29 lakh (ex-showroom). It follows the launch of the hatchback on which it is based, the Grand i10 Nios, and gets similar equipment and powertrain options. 

The closest rivals of the Aura are the Tata Tigor, Honda Amaze and Maruti Suzuki Dzire. We compare the four compact sedans to see which one fares better on paper: 

Hyundai Aura vs rivals: dimensions

Hyundai Aura vs rivals: dimensions
Model Hyundai Aura Tata Tigor Honda Amaze Maruti Suzuki Dzire
Length 3995mm 3993mm 3995mm 3995mm
Width 1680mm 1677mm 1695mm 1735mm
Height 1520mm 1532mm 1501mm 1515mm
Wheelbase 2450mm 2450mm 2470mm 2450mm
Kerb weight 1033kg 957kg 915kg
Boot space 419-litres 420-litres 378-litres

As they are all compact sedans, all comply with the sub-4m rule to get excise benefits. Among them, the Tigor is the shortest, at 3,993mm, and is just 2mm shorter than the rest. The same is not true when comparing the wheelbase of all the four, where the Hyundai, Tata and Maruti, all have a wheelbase of 2,450mm, while the Honda measures 20mm more than the others, benefiting the occupants with more leg space. 

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire is also the widest of the lot at 1,735mm, which means the passengers will have more shoulder room. The Amaze is the second widest of the lot, measuring 1,695mm, and is closely followed by the facelifted Aura (1,680mm) and Tigor (1,677mm). Surprisingly, the Tigor, which has lacked behind in all other dimensions, is the tallest of the lot at 1,532mm, while the shortest out of the four is the Amaze which measures 1,501mm. 

While the weight and boot space of the facelifted Hyundai Aura is currently unavailable, the Tigor is the heaviest here, at 1,033kg, and the Dzire is the lightest, at 915kg. The Amaze has the largest boot space, at 420 litres, followed closely by the Tigor, at 419 litres. As of now, the Dzire has the smallest boot at 378 litres. 

Hyundai Aura vs rivals: performance

Hyundai Aura vs rivals: performance
Model Hyundai Aura Tata Tigor Honda Amaze Maruti Suzuki Dzire
Type 4 cyl, NA petrol/ 4 cyl CNG 3 cyl, NA petrol/ 3 cyl CNG 4 cyl, NA petrol 4 cyl NA petrol/ 4 cyl CNG
Displacement 1197cc/ 1197cc 1199cc/ 1199cc 1199cc 1197cc/ 1197cc
Power 83hp/ 68hp 86hp/ 73.4hp 90hp 90hp/ 77hp
Torque 113.7Nm/ 95.2Nm 113Nm/ 95Nm 110Nm 113Nm/ 98.5Nm
MT gearbox 5-speed/ 5-speed 5-speed/ 5-speed 5-speed 5-speed/ 5-speed
AT gearbox AMT/ – AMT/ – CVT AMT/ –
Drive layout FWD FWD FWD FWD

The Honda Amaze is the only compact sedan in the segment right now that does not offer a CNG powertrain. It also the only one here to offer a CVT gearbox, while all others get an AMT. While the Tigor has a three-cylinder engine, displacing 1,199cc, the Aura and Dzire have 1,197cc, four-cylinder engines and the Amaze has a 1,199cc, four-cylinder unit. 

In terms of power, the Honda and Maruti compact sedans are at par making 90hp each. The Dzire CNG is also the most powerful of the lot, making 77hp. The Aura makes the least amount of power here, at just 83hp, which is 3hp lower than the Tigor and 7hp lower than the Amaze and Dzire. 

Despite the Amaze making the most power, it makes the least amount of torque, at 110Nm. The torquiest engine of the lot is the Hyundai Aura with 113.7Nm. The Dzire and Tigor, in petrol-only form, make an identical 113Nm but in CNG guise, the Dzire makes 98.5Nm while the Tigor makes 95Nm. 

Hyundai Aura vs rivals: price

Hyundai Aura vs rivals: price (ex-showroom)
Model Hyundai Aura Tata Tigor Honda Amaze Maruti Suzuki Dzire
Petrol Rs 6.29 lakh-Rs 8.72 lakh Rs 6.10 lakh-Rs 8.54 lakh Rs 6.89 lakh-Rs 9.48 lakh Rs 6.24 lakh-Rs 9.17 lakh
CNG Rs 8.10 lakh-Rs 8.87 lakh Rs 7.45 lakh-Rs 8.84 lakh Rs 8.23 lakh-Rs 8.91 lakh

In terms of price, the most affordable of the lot is the Tata Tigor, as it starts at Rs 6.10 lakh, followed by Dzire and Aura at Rs 6.24 lakh and Rs 6.29 lakh, respectively. The Amaze is the most expensive of the lot, with its prices ranging between Rs 6.89 lakh-9.48 lakh, with the highest price more than the CNG variants of the other three compact sedans. 

The Tigor iCNG, starting at Rs 7.45 lakh is the most affordable CNG-powered compact sedan in the market. However, it is also the only one here to offer CNG powertrain in more than two variants. On the other hand, the most expensive of the lot is the Dzire CNG which starts at Rs 8.23 lakh. 

*All prices ex-showroom

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