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‘I didn’t know what he was talking about’


Former acting DHS secretary Chad Wolf said Thursday “it’s not clear what the long-term strategy is” for the Biden administration’s handling of the southern border, calling on the president for inaccurate claims in White House remarks.

The former Trump administration official joined ‘Outnumbered’ to react to Biden’s ‘meandering’ and ‘contradictory’ comments on border security at a press conference.

“It was clear the president was really unsure what he was talking about,” he told Harris Faulkner.


“He talked about a number of different programs that weren’t accurate. He talked about gang violence in Central America as a basis for claiming asylum. That’s not true under US law. C “is important. He talked about continuing to process more illegal aliens into the country instead of actually solving the problem,” Wolf said.

Wolf said border encounters continue to increase each month, made up of different groups.

“He talked about parole under the Venezuelan program that started in October. And yes, we may see fewer Venezuelans at the border, but guess what? The numbers keep going up month after month. This are just different populations.”

Wolf said the Biden administration has “no comprehensive plan” to ensure border security.

“I don’t understand why they’re just trying to come up with a strategy they know. They’ve been in this for about 24 months now,” Wolf said, adding that Biden “raised more questions than answers.” particular on title 42.

Wolf then addressed the bill introduced by Senators Thom Tillis and Kyrsten Sinema and said amnesty is not synonymous with border security.

“Biden continuing to talk Republicans or congressmen won’t help. What they’re advocating is amnesty,” Wolf said.

“It’s dishonest. It’s dishonest. And it pisses me off because it won’t solve the problem.”

Biden used a major White House speech on Thursday to announce expanded border measures, ahead of his first-ever visit to the beleaguered southern border next week — as his administration struggles to deal with a historic surge in migrants.

“These actions alone that I will be announcing today are not going to fix our entire immigration system, but they can go a long way in helping us manage what is a difficult challenge,” he said.

Biden announced the expansion of a humanitarian parole program for Venezuelan nationals to include Haitians, Cubans and Nicaraguans. This program will allow 30,000 people per month from the four counties to be released on parole in the United States for a period of two years, provided they have a financial sponsor and meet other conditions. Those who attempt to enter illegally are rendered ineligible for the program.

“We anticipate this action will significantly reduce the number of people attempting to cross our southwestern border without going through legal process,” he said.


This expanded program will be combined with an expansion of Title 42 deportations to include these nationalities, allowing up to 30,000 of those who enter the United States illegally each month to be expeditiously returned to Mexico.

Additionally, Biden is expected to announce expanded use of another removal authority — expedited removal — to remove those who do not seek asylum and cannot be deported under Title 42.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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