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I’m 5’6″ and 120 lbs with a 23″ waist


A WOMAN has prepared her followers for Spring Break with a Skims video worth over $1,000 and is “obsessed” with the micro range.

Skims is an American shapewear company co-founded by Kim Kardashian that focuses on body positivity and inclusivity.

Claire tried a Skims transport that was worth over $1,000Credit: YouTube
The turquoise two-piece was ideal for her and she loved the stockings


The turquoise two-piece was ideal for her and she loved the “skinny” bottoms.Credit: YouTube

According to the company’s website, its micro range “suits everyone” with “undies that stretch to twice their size.”

YouTuber Claire Stone (@clairestone) showed her 84,700 subscribers her “brutally honest” review of Skims swimsuits.

The video shows Claire trying on a number of styles, from one-pieces to bikinis to camos, and telling viewers “what to AVOID!”

The 5’6″ influencer got her start in a turquoise two-piece from the micro swim range.

The micro style has a “minimal” fit and Claire found the thong style bottoms to be “fantastic” which are “super tiny tiny in the back” and “great for tanning”.

With a bust size of 28/31 inches, she decided to go an extra size in the bra and found it had good coverage.

Claire took the turquoise set for a try when she went surfing in the Dominican Republic and concluded she was “obsessed” with the set.

She then tried on a black two-piece from the micro range and applauded the “dip-tie” bottoms that come with adjustable sides, meaning you can be “true to size” when shopping for them.

Claire paired the bikini with the “micro miniskirt” cover-up also in black.

“They weren’t messing with the micro description, it’s a tiny piece of fabric,” she said.

However, Claire added that for a club-style beach or a beach party, the look is ideal.

“Definitely not something that’s going to be that versatile…it could literally be a tube top or something.”

Her favorite piece was a “unique” cocoa strapless swim monokini with a silicone band across the bust to hold it in place.

She told followers that if they were going to buy anything in the swim range, it should be this piece.

However, when trying on a different style of monokini, she told viewers to avoid it.

She tried on a black “laced swim monokini” in an XXS and said: “I don’t like it at all and I don’t recommend it at all.

“This is something to 100% ignore when buying the Skims swim drop because it just doesn’t fit me at all.”

Claire also tried on the cargo pants in black which left her “obsessed” with their versatility.

She wore them with the string bikini sticking out from the top and with the pants nipped at the waist.

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She added that they’re “beachy, light and comfortable” and also make the perfect non-sheer travel pant that’s on Skims’ website for $78.

Followers thanked her for the haul, with one calling the video “an incredibly flawless essay” and another adding, “I’ve never been more into bikinis than I am now.”

Claire advised her followers that if they bought anything, it should be the strapless monokini


Claire advised her followers that if they bought anything, it should be the strapless monokiniCredit: YouTube
She told people to


She told people to ‘100% skip’ the black tie-up monokiniCredit: YouTube

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