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I’m a gym girl – people always ask me how I got my “roundness” in just four months of training


THIS gym girl has revealed the five glute exercises she uses to get her “round” in just four months.

Working out can be tough when you don’t see results instantly, but one TikToker has demonstrated his top exercises that lead to quick results.

This Gym Girl Has Revealed The Five Glutes Exercises She Uses To Get Her ‘Round’ In Just Four MonthsCredit: TikTok / annabel.lucinda
The TikToker has added a twist to the classic squat


The TikToker has added a twist to the classic squatCredit: TikTok / annabel.lucinda

Annabel (@annabel.lucinda) likes to post gym videos on TikTok and in a clip she shared glute exercises that transformed her body.

She told her viewers to do kas glute bridges, as she filmed herself plunging her weighted hips with a barbell.

Annabel said to do three sets of 10 reps each and increase the weight on the bar after each set.

The gym girl then demonstrated how to do a glute bridge hold.

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She said to hold the bar at your hips until you can’t hold it anymore.

Then there were the biased RDLs for the glutes, which she did for three sets of 10 reps.

Annabel demonstrated this by lowering the bar until her back was parallel to the ceiling.

When a viewer asked Annabel what weight she used for glute bridges and rdls, the gym girl said she did 180, 200, 220 for bridges and 90 for rdls.

Annabell added that “the weight depends on the person”.

In the video, Annabell modified the classic squat by holding a kettlebell and standing on weight plates.

It’s called elevated sumo squats and she did three sets of 10 reps.

To complete her workout, she did glute medius kickbacks for three sets of 10 reps.

She used a low cable that she tied to her leg and kicked him backwards.

A TikTok user commented on these bribes saying they are done “to get that roundness”.

The viewer encouraged Annabel, saying, “Keep going girl!”

Another commenter vouched for Annabel’s advice, “That’s exactly what I’m doing.”

“It really works!!” the TikTok user added.

Viewers cheered on the gym girl and supported her advice


Viewers cheered on the gym girl and supported her adviceCredit: TikTok / annabel.lucinda


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