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I’m a redhead preschool teacher


A FIERY red-haired preschool teacher has made it clear to people what to expect from her dress code in her job.

With opinions as fierce as her locks, she’s been adamant about not wearing a bra to work since she was 19, making others want her trust.

A kindergarten teacher shared that she hadn’t worn a bra to work in yearsCredit: TikTok/rabbit_the_worm
Some social media users wish to have the confidence of the redhead woman


Some social media users wish to have the confidence of the redhead womanCredit: TikTok/rabbit_the_worm

The preschool teacher (@rabbit_the_worm) doesn’t seem to care what other people think about the underwear she chooses not to wear.

In a social media video, she had a sassy word for those who feel the need to comment on the way she dresses for her daily job.

Sitting in a car wearing a fuchsia top, she looked annoyed while making her point.

“Oh my god, I didn’t know we could just make up rules for each other,” she said along with a TikTok audio that sarcastically conveyed how she felt.

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The teacher

This came as a result of hearing comments like “you can’t be a preschool teacher and never wear a bra”.

She had a catchy message for her detractors: “Normalize nipples. My students don’t care. Their parents don’t care. It’s WEIRD to care.”

“I haven’t worn a bra to work since I was 19,” she revealed in the caption of her video. “And it was MANDATORY for a BARISTA position,” she pointed out, displaying her disbelief.

People left comments on the subject, many in support of the daring woman’s thoughts.

One woman wished she could be so bold, but felt her career was holding her back.

“I want to have the confidence to do it. I work in a male dominated field and I can imagine the looks,” she wrote.

To which the preschool teacher replied, “It SUCKS. The men are awful. I get stares from time to time. It scares the men a little, honestly, which is good.”

Other people agreed with the redhead’s strong opinions.

“OUISSSSSS you’re a creep if you have anything to say about it,” one wrote.

“Yes, exactly,” said another.

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