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I’m a Walmart employee and here’s a secret about our shopping carts


A WALMART employee has revealed a secret tip about the store’s shopping carts that could prevent you from getting sick.

The worker took to Reddit to offer the retail giant’s customers a helpful “personal service announcement”.

They said the carts inside and outside would contain the same amount of germsCredit: Getty

They pointed out that the carts in the mall’s corrals are actually identical to those inside.

And that means those inside stores aren’t cleaner.

They said the carts inside and outside will contain the same amount of germs, meaning they both need to be wiped down.

“They are NO LONGER CLEAN inside the store, if an infectious or deadly disease is on the carts outside, it’s also on the carts inside, I PROMISE,” they said.

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“Use the wipes on it or grab one and also wipe your hands once you get there I know 70% of you don’t wash your hands in the bathroom I SEE you going out .”

The Walmart employee said it would be helpful for shoppers to grab a cart from the corral next to their vehicle – rather than running inside to get one they think is cleaner.

They also shared another tip – if it’s raining or snowing, there’s no secret dry cart stash.

“If you need a cart and you see it, it’s yours, don’t be shy, you’re no lesser person to grab it,” they said.

And they sarcastically pointed out that handicapped parking spaces are not invisible corrals for people to dump their carts.

Another Walmart employee has revealed the secret way the retailer handles stolen goods at checkout.

While another revealed an alleged secret on the store’s security cameras.

And it comes after Walmart unveiled a stunning new ‘store of the future’ with updates that will ‘dramatically improve the customer experience’.

The Walmart store has opened in Pennsylvania, equipped with interactive technology that blends the best of online and in-person shopping, according to the company.

Store Manager Lauren Degrushe said, “We have created a state-of-the-art shopping experience that will allow us to better serve our customers at Upper Bucks.

“We are incredibly proud of our new pharmacy, which will set the standard for pharmaceutical offerings in our community.

“We look forward to serving our community and showing our customers the great things we have to offer.”

Walmart launched another newly renovated store with showrooms, revamped digital screens and the in-store Claire’s outlet in November.

The Beavercreek, Ohio location was reportedly used as a prototype for future Walmart stores.

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The retailer has invested $130 million in 28 stores, which will include mock rooms.

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