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I’m in the braless club and God’s favorite


THE bra-wearing issue has caused a divide on popular social media apps such as TikTok.

Some influencers prefer to wear the underwear, while others railed at the idea of ​​having to wear sports lingerie.

An influencer claimed she never had to wear a bra1 credit
The TikToker also stated that she was


The TikToker also said she was “God’s favorite”1 credit

Ashlei (@Ashleileic) is the latest influencer to deliver her verdict on the internet craze.

She revealed that she was a member of the club without a bra.

In a viral clip, the carefree influencer was seen doing some moves at a club.

She confidently claimed she was “God’s favorite” before revealing she had never had to wear a bra.

Woman says she won't wear a bra despite people encouraging her to
I'm not in a bra club - I have a special hater top, I like it when people stare at me

Ashlei didn’t explain why she shouldn’t wear a bra, but said she was “working against gravity.”

The clip was viewed over 2,000 times on TikTok and viewers felt jealous.

A TikToker posted several crying emojis as they lamented, “Not fair.”

Dozens of women have revealed on TikTok that they’ve ditched their bras.

Blonde stunner Nicole Furtado (@nicoleafurtado) has said she won’t be wearing lingerie anytime soon.

She shared the revelation in a viral clip and slammed her critics.

The text: “Me whenever someone tells me I should start wearing a bra” appeared on the screen.

Nicole shot back, “Oh no, I can’t do that. No, I don’t. I’m sorry.”

In the caption, she added, “Sorry not sorry.”

The US Sun reported how TikTok star Madds (@madds.maxjesty) cried out after noticing what her crop top looked like when she took her bra off.

In one clip, she told her thousands of fans that she hadn’t worn lingerie in years.

She explained: “She added, ‘I didn’t know they could sit like that, I’m screaming.

Madds revealed that she didn’t wear a bra because she found it uncomfortable.

She claimed, “I don’t need to hide my body” and dozens of women supported her decision.

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A fan posted “No, you respect yourself more, because you can be yourself in the face of other people’s opinions. These people are jealous of your power.

Other fans have suggested the critics are lashing out out of jealousy.

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