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I’m plus size – my “squishy locks” and cellulite are what make me beautiful, I won’t hide them


A PLUS-SIZE Instagram influencer is urging her 15,600 followers to be a little more like her.

Kate, who publishes under FullPlateKate, challenges attitudes towards tall women and social constructions around female beauty.

Instagram influencer Kate is tall and loves her bodyCredit: Instagram/fullplatekate
She say love yourself, even your stretch marks and your cellulite


She say love yourself, even your stretch marks and your celluliteCredit: Instagram/fullplatekate

Kate is incredibly tall and loves all her curves. She doesn’t have time for body-haters and body-shamers.

They can take the road as far as it is concerned.

She says, “Everyone is beautiful and worthy of love and respect.”

Her Instagram platform – where she calls herself “self-love’s best friend” – features dozens of photographs of her posing in lingerie.

I'm plus size and train in a sports bra - people say I'm
I'm a plus size woman - people mistakenly claim that someone over 200 pounds is a

Kate captioned another photo: “SOFT, SQUISHY AND ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL.

“Your curves only make you cuter, your body is WONDERFUL.”

Every inch of her body is worth celebrating, according to Kate. Even stretch marks.

“Celebrate your stretch marks!” she says. “I want to prove that stretch marks and cellulite are NORMAL and beautiful! »

Rather than hide them, bring them out, she says. “These are beautiful flashes of history on your skin, you should be proud of them, not ashamed of them!”

Through her social media platforms, Kate wants to challenge perceptions of female beauty and supposedly ‘desirable’ shapes.

“Your curves only make you cuter,” she says, “It’s not a failure if your stomach isn’t flat and your curves aren’t ugly, they’re wonderful.

Her positive affirmations inspire her followers, who love what they hear.

Kate thinks her curves are cute and you should too


Kate thinks her curves are cute and you should tooCredit: Instagram/fullplatekate

“You look beautiful,” one comment said.

Followed by more compliments: “You look beautiful.”

And there was more: “You are so beautiful, girly”,

“You look like a million bucks,” was a typical comment from many,

Finally, as if to confirm: “You are absolutely magnificent.”

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