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In the war in Ukraine, talking about peace is a fight in itself.


WASHINGTON — As the struggle in Ukraine drags on for a year, another battle has unfolded alongside it: a war of words between Russia and the West over who is most interested in ending the conflict peacefully.

For now, according to analysts and Western officials, serious peace talks are extremely difficult to envisage. Both sides have set negotiating conditions that cannot be met any time soon and have vowed to fight until victory.

And the Ukrainian president has ruled out dealing directly with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin because of atrocities committed by his military forces.

At the same time, both sides also have a strong interest in being open to negotiations.

But far from pointing to a peaceful end, these talks are largely strategic. It aims to appease the allies, brand the opposition as unreasonable and, especially on the Ukrainian side, to stifle the growing desire of Western countries to end the costly war.

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