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Inside American socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland’s horror incest plot ‘to seduce her son’ before he stabs her to death


An American socialite was sadly murdered by her gay son after her sick plot to seduce him in order to ‘cure’ him.

During her years as a model, Barbara Daly Baekeland appeared on the pages of magazines such as Vogue, but it was her gruesome murder at the age of 51 that cemented her story in the public mind.

The gruesome story was eventually made into a movie starring Julianne Moore, Savage Grace

Barbara ended up marrying wealthy Baekeland Plastics heir Brooks Baekeland after her Hollywood acting career failed to take off.

The couple, known for their hedonistic lifestyle, had only one child, a son named Anthony.

The family of three spent their days traveling the world, with the boy largely ignored by his parents, as reported by History Collection.

That was until Barbara discovered he was gay and had been experimenting with other men since he was a teenager, and the mother began a mission to “cure” her son.

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While in Spain in the late 1960s, 20-year-old Anthony began an affair with Australian Jake Cooper, who allegedly showed him all about drugs and the occult.

Horrified by the relationship, Barbara tried to distract Anthony with prostitutes and marry him off to a Frenchwoman named Sylvie, who ended up running away with her own husband.

After those plans fell through, Barbara reportedly told her husband before they split, “You know, I could convince Tony he’s gay if I took him to bed.”

Barbara apparently tried her strategy in 1969 in Mallorca, where she allegedly secured her drunk and stoned son before bragging about it to his friends.

After the incident in Mallorca, Anthony’s mental health began to decline and he was even diagnosed with schizophrenia after becoming angry and paranoid and telling friends he was having sex with his wife. mother and didn’t know what to do.

Anthony’s therapist even warned Barbara that her son was going to kill her after he started threatening her in arguments.

The therapist’s warnings came true in 1972, when Anthony stabbed his mother to death with a kitchen knife in their London home.

The troubled young man eventually confessed to the murder and served his sentence at Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital.

He was released in 1980 and returned to the United States, where he attempted to kill Barbara’s mother.

Anthony was again imprisoned and committed suicide on Rikers Island in New York in 1981.

The gruesome story was eventually made into a movie starring Julianne Moore, Savage Grace released in 2007.

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