Inside Trisha Paytas’ wild LA house with ‘Beetlejuice’ dining room, Barbie nursery and more

Trisha Paytas has given fans a peek inside her eclectic home, which features a “Beetlejuice” themed room and a Malibu Barbie nursery.

The YouTube personality — who lives in the $3.7 million Los Angeles mansion with her husband, Moses Hacmon — became a first-time mom in November 2022.

The couple fully leaned into their mini me’s moniker, Malibu Barbie, by decking out her nursery in different shades of pink.

In a 2022 YouTube video, Paytas showed off the detailed Barbie mural covering the walls, along with a baby pink crib, a rocking chair and a matching changing station.

She opened up her chest of drawers to reveal rows of colorful baby clothes and tiny shoes, including a pair of UGG “house slippers.”

Paytas’ daughter, Malibu Barbie, has an on-theme bedroom. Trisha Paytas/YouTube
It is completely decked out in pink. Trisha Paytas/YouTube
The TikTok star had someone paint a portrait of Barbie on the wall. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
The beach vibe is brought to life with palm trees. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
The room contains countless pieces of Barbie merch. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
The little one has her own walk-in closet with Barbie-themed clothes. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj

The influencer revealed she picked that specific room for their baby girl because it has the “best energy and the best light” in the house.

The couple also had “pink carpeting” installed, which she described as “so perfect and beautiful.”

In the walk-in closet, a then-pregnant Paytas had rows of Barbie-themed clothes hung up, along with Halloween costumes and mommy-and-me outfits that she could match her daughter in.

Paytas spends a lot of time in her luxe kitchen. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
She has blinged-out items, including a Keurig machine, a box of pasta and a LaCroix can, on display in her kitchen. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
There is a cabinet reserved for bedazzled water bottles. TikTok/@trishapaytas
Her stove is also surrounded by intricate tile. Trisha Paytas/YouTube

She also gave her followers a peek inside the bathroom, which featured a flower cushion in the sink.

In a separate video, the “Daddy Issues” singer said she and Hacmon were planning on modeling their dining room after the Deetz’s home in the Tim Burton classic “Beetlejuice.”

She later told “Entertainment Tonight” that her husband had custom-made the furniture, which included surreal art pieces, candelabras, a black dining table and gothic-industrial chairs.

The YouTuber’s bed is mounted on a giant marble platform, which was designed by her husband, Moses Hacmon. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
Hacmon also built a custom velvet headboard. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
The master bedroom overlooks her sprawling backyard with a pool. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
She has a gorgeous view of the mountains. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
Paytas and Hacmon were married in December 2021 and welcomed their daughter in September 2022. Instagram/@trishapaytasbackup

“He designs furniture, he does interior design, and he said, ‘OK, if you want a Beetlejuice table!’ He did it. Like, he took the screenshots, did edges and everything exactly,” she said in 2023.

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“It was so scary for our generation but it’s so great,” Paytas added of the 1998 cult classic. “I always think of it in my head, and I was like, ‘I want a dining room like that.’”

Her numerous designer bags are on display in her walk-in closet. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
She also showcases her wigs and accessories YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj

She also told the outlet about her life-size “bling tiger” which sits in her entryway.

“Our daughter is the year of the tiger in Chinese zodiac,” Paytas explained.

“So whatever our next baby will be, if it’s a bunny or dragon, we’re gonna get it bedazzled,” she went on.

Her walls are adorned with self-portraits. TikTok/@trishapaytas
Some of the pics are a bit risqué. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
Paytas has multiple themed rooms, including a “Beetlejuice” dining area. Trisha Paytas/YouTube
She also has a retro turquoise dining room. Trisha Paytas/YouTube
Paytas has a room dedicated to meditation. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj
She often talks about her spirituality. YouTube/@blndsundoll4mj

“One of the first movies we watched together was Life of Pi, so the tiger has such symbolism.

“So it’s the first thing you see when you come into our entryway. It’s our little guard cat.”

Although Paytas was reluctant to call her home “cluttered,” she admitted that she likes “things” and has a lot of items on display, like a multi-colored checkerboard table, and a bedazzled Domino’s Pizza box.

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