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Is Maluma Dead Or Alive In 2022? Death Hoax Explained


Maluma, the popular Colombian singer became part of a rumor that said the singer is dead in 2022. Ever since the rumor of his death started doing rounds on social media. All his fans and loved ones were taken aback by the news. The netizens started to believe the news and were sad to know. But did the singer really die in 2022?

Read on to know more about Maluma’s death rumors leaving everyone shocked.

The Internet is abuzz with rumors about the death of singer Maluma

There have been many death news about celebs circulating on the internet in the last few months. From Snoop Dogg, Tom Holland, and Will Smith to Oprah Winfrey, they’ve all died. But the news about their death were all fake.

However, back again we have another rumor about the death of a celeb and that is the Colombian singer Maluma. The rumors that went viral on the internet said that the singer died in an accident. Which made all his fans sad and broken.

Aldara Zarraoa/Redferns

Is singer Maluma really dead in 2022?

For all those who have been believing the news about Maluma’s death. He is not dead and doing very well. Although another time it was only a hoax of death that had its target in Maluma. Although no one found out where the rumor started.

However, such rumors definitely affect the celebs, their loved ones and their fans a lot. Therefore, one must be careful when dealing with such information as it may not be genuine. So we have to check them first.

How do you handle fake news or death hoaxes?

The Internet is a source of information where we have both genuine and false information living together. However, it is up to the users to check the authenticity of the news before posting or forwarding it to others. As fake news spreads easily among users and creates confusion and can mislead users as well.

Therefore, whenever you come across any news on the internet then check about its sources first. In case, you find them to be fake then don’t forget to report that immediately. Reporting false information can stop them from spreading further. Which can affect others, especially the one about whom the news is going viral.

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