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It Is Not Spirituality To Keep Hanging Around Those Who Doesn’t Want You—Apostle Johnson Suleman


It Is Not Spirituality To Hang Around Those You Don’t Want—Apostle Johnson Suleman, #Spirituality #Mdendlin #Doesn039t #IntApostlu #Johnson #Suleman Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

Apostle Johnson Suleman is the founder and presiding clergyman of the Omega Fire Ministry based in Auchi. The clergyman took to his verified Facebook page to share a message about human socialization and why believers should not be fully involved with those who do not want them around. According to the clergy, in his words he revealed that, it is not part of the qualities of spirituality to be involved with those who do not want you around.

As the clergy stressed, from 4:58 minutes of the video, it’s not spiritual to hang around with those who don’t want you around. The clergy also drew examples from the life of Joseph in the Scriptures. God gave him revelations about his life but, he kept association with those he hated. He shared his dreams with those who hated him. Eventually, they won over him and were the cause of his captivity and imprisonment. The clergy also repeated the act of stupidity that some believers could put sometimes in that, they are not supposed to be deeply involved with those they don’t like.

The clergy also drew examples from the life of Jesus Christ, he does not associate with people at all times. There were times when Jesus Christ had to leave his disciples without telling them where he was going. Avoid much association with those who dislike him. However, some believers know that some people do not like them, and continue to associate with them, knowing full well that they do not want them. They assume they are being spiritual and humble. This is not wisdom.

It would be very wise to avoid those who do not want you most of the time, to avoid the negative impact that can result from being associated with them.

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