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Japan begins construction of a military base on the uninhabited island of Kagoshima


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Japan has launched the construction of a Self-Defense Forces military base on an uninhabited island in the southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima to relocate military exercises using US carrier-based fighter jets, reported Thursday Kyodo news agency, citing Japanese authorities. Department of Defense.

The Japanese government plans to build runways and ammunition storage facilities on Mageshima Island within the next two years, which should pave the way for the relocation of the US fighter aircraft training site from the island of ‘Iwoto after completion of work on the eight-square-kilometer island, the news agency reported.

“In view of the most severe and complicated security environment in the post-war period, the government will construct this facility and begin operation at the earliest,” the government spokesman told reporters, quoted in The report.

On Thursday, Japanese authorities released an environmental assessment report, which said construction would take about four years, the news agency said.

He said Tokyo must also take steps to move rare amphibian, reptile and fish species to an area with similar conditions and to limit the number of ships entering the island’s waters.

Mageshima Island is located 400 kilometers (248.5 miles) from the US military base at Iwakuni. The Japanese government and the country’s Taston Airport company reached an agreement to sell the island for 16 billion yen ($146 million) in 2019.

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