Jason Kelce maintains focus despite whirlwind of outside distractions

Kelce’s focus is on a Chiefs defense that allows just 15.9 points per game and that wins with strong personnel, excellent coaching, and a scheme that brings pressure and also creates the illusion of pressure. Kansas City hasn’t given up big plays, either, and that’s part of its magic. They can get to the quarterback and affect the pocket and not give up “X” plays on the back end.

There is a lot to prepare for when an offense plays the Chiefs.

“They play well as a unit, they disguise things – things look similar – so it’s hard to tell what’s coming, when,” Kelce said. “You have to be on your ‘A’ game.”

Kelce says that everything that goes on around him – the fame, the attention – for both him and his brother has been “a whirlwind and you try to take it one day at a time and keep doing what you’ve been doing.” The rivalry between Jason and Travis on the field is undeniable – the Eagles have not beaten Kansas City since Kelce has been here – and that continues. Kelce has his focus on the football aspect of things, but there is also no denying the rest of it.

“As with every week, even though there is a lot of familiarity and there is a lot of personal attachment to this game on my side, I think you really focus on ‘what do we need to do.’ I think if you look at that outside noise, you’re really doing yourself and your teammates a disservice, so the same things that allow us to be successful every week are going to come down to this week – taking care of the football, being smart, executing in the red zone. Things that we’ve improved on throughout the season,” Kelce said.

“If we can continue to do those things well this week offensively, and the defense continues to focus on the things they need to do, I think, regardless of who we’re playing, we’ll be in a good position.”

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