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Joe Jonas To Simon Cowell: Famous Men Who Approved Of Plastic Surgery | IWMBuzz


Joe Jonas To Simon Cowell: Famous Men Who Have Endorsed Plastic Surgery | IWMBuzz, #Joe #Jonas #Simon #Cowell #Famous #Male #Approved #Plastic #Surgery #IWMBuzz Welcome to WhichLEDLight BlogThis is the latest news and trending broadcast we have for you today::

Famous men and their botox remedies.

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Celebrities in Hollywood practice Botox and this does not only apply to women only, but to men as well. Plastic surgery, fillers and injectables are the order of the day to look perfect. We have a series of celebrities who have gone through these processes. A report on foxnews.com talked about this and we take reference from that story for our writing here.

Joe Jonas recently opened up about getting injectables to improve his frown lines and scars between his eyes and said there should be no shame in getting the job done. The singer teamed up with Xeomin, a cosmetic injectable that uses a unique formula to remove unnecessary proteins from the skin. Jonas spoke candidly on the subject of cosmetic procedures, saying, “I don’t think it’s necessarily something we need to be afraid of.”

In April, Simon Cowell swore off Botox and fillers after he said it made his face look “like something out of a horror movie.” According to The Sun, Cowell had a facelift in 2018. “There are many things you can do now. Don’t just fill your face with filler and Botox,” he told the shop.

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