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Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez will represent another celebrity client


Camille Vasquez is working for another celebrity and is ready to get her out of trouble with the law.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Camille Vasquez will be defending ‘Yellowstone’ star Q’orianka Kilcher

Attorney Camille Vasquez will represent another celebrity along with Steve Cook, from Brown Rudnick LLP.

If you didn’t know, Vasquez gained notoriety for being one of the lawyers representing Johnny Depp in his legal battle with Amber Heard earlier this year.

Regardless, she is ready to defend Q’orianka Kilcher on a fraud case. Kilcher is recognized for her role in the hit television series, ‘Yellowstone.’

Additionally, the 32-year-old actress was booked on two felony counts of workers’ compensation fraud this year.

Vasquez and Brown claimed they are ‘determined to defend’ Kilcher in her case during a recent interview with Fox News Digital.

The statement read, ‘We are determined to defend Ms. Kilcher in this important case that examines the inherent flaws in the disability compensation system.’

In addition, they continued, ‘Ms. Kilcher is a well-respected actress and pioneer in Hollywood, and we intend to clear her name.’

More on the Q’orianka Kilcher fraud case

The State of California charged Q’orianka Kilcher with workers’ compensation insurance fraud earlier this year.

Subsequently, the California Department of Insurance conducted an investigation that revealed Kilcher’s improper collection of more than 90,000 dollars in disability benefits.

According to reports, Kilcher carried out the scheme for almost two years. It reportedly started after she suffered a neck injury in 2018 during the production of ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold.’

In addition, she sought treatment for her injuries. However, she later stopped and ‘did not respond to the insurance company that handled her claim on behalf of her employer.’

However, officials paid special attention to the case after it was reported that Kilcher cashed in the benefits while actively performing in the Yellowstone episodes in 2019.

Meanwhile, sources claim that Kilcher is ‘10% disabled for the rest of her life’ after a car crash about four years ago. They added that Kilcher was involved in the incident while he was filming on the set.

In addition, Camille Vasquez and Steve Cook are scheduled to appear on Kilcher’s behalf before a judge. It is expected to take place next Wednesday in a courtroom in Los Angeles.

Kilcher on the other hand will reprise her role as Angela Blue Thunder in the fifth season of Yellowstone. The series is created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. It also stars Kelly Reilly and Luke Grimes.


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