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Juventus and its lawyers defend themselves


Heavily sanctioned in the case of capital gains, including 15 penalty points in the standings. Juventus defends itself via its lawyers and an official press release. Find out more information in this article.

The official press release from Juventus:

“Juventus Football Club SpA (“Juventus” or the “Company”) announces that the Federal Court of Appeal – United Sections, having considered the appeal for dismissal pursuant to art. 63 of the Sports Justice Code proposed by the Federal Prosecutor, declared the appeal for revocation admissible and therefore revoked the decision of the Federal Court of Appeal, United Sections, n. 0089/CFA-2021-2022 of 27 May 2022 and, accordingly, ordered the penalty of 15 points in the standings for Juventus to be served in the current football season and the temporary inhibition of the sporting director, Federico Cherubini, of 16 months to carry out activities within the FIGC, with a request for extension within UEFA and FIFA.
With the judgment revoked, the Federal Court of Appeal had dismissed the complaint filed by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office against the decision of the Federal National Court which, in turn, had acquitted Juventus and the other persons referred for the absence of disciplinary fault in connection with the assessment of the effects of certain transfers of player registration rights on the balance sheets and the recognition of capital gains.
The Company is awaiting the publication of the reasons and is now announcing recourse to the College de Garantie du Sport under the Code of Justice for Sport. »

Statements by Juventus lawyers:

Today’s acceptance of the appeal for dismissal by the Federal Court of Appeal seems to us to constitute a clear inequality of treatment to the detriment of Juventus and its leaders compared to any other club or licensed player. We are waiting to carefully read the reasons for presenting the appeal before the College of Sport Guarantees, however we specify, for the moment, that only Juventus and its leaders are charged with the violation of a rule, which the sports justice itself had repeatedly acknowledged that it did not exist. We believe this is also a gross injustice to millions of enthusiasts, which we hope will soon be corrected in the next level of judging. »

Juventus therefore announces that it is appealing to the College of Sports Guarantee. Either the sanction will be kept, or it will be completely removed. To be continued…


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