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Keke Palmer Hilariously Recounts NSFW’s ‘Sims’ Game


Keke Palmer taps into her inner gamer – and Twitter is 100% here for it.

Earlier this week, the ‘No’ actor went live on Instagram, putting social media in stitches as she told her savage adventure by playing “Sims 4”, the popular simulation game that allows players to create virtual people and create fake lives.

With the help of the game’s Wicked Whims – an NSFW modification that adds realistic nudity and sexual animations to the game – and some cheat codes, the actor entertained his fans with a play-by-play of the show, including including a messy in-game break, make it out with shady friends and cumbersome glitches.

While in the adult modplayers also have the ability to watch porn, try out sex toys, and create and manage their own strip club.

In a clipPalmer’s avatar has an X-rated exchange as she decides if she wants to be in a polyamorous relationship with her simulated lover, or break it off.

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to praise Palmer for his hilarious viral antics, with some fans even begging the ‘Lightyear’ actor to start a twitch channel so that they can enjoy its game content more.

Running into a few stubborn glitches during her Instagram live, the expectant mother then turned to his playmates on social media to help solve problems.

At one point, asking the community for help with his custom content, Palmer tweeted: “I’m on Mac and I have a bad [custom content] in my game driving my Sim crazy after her shower. I think it’s a cc and not a mod but I guess I have to go through there and find it? I am so pissed off.

Gushing about her love for the game on Twitter, the star revealed on Tuesday that she’s quite the ‘Sims’ veteran. She tweeted: “The Sims 2 was my favorite era, but I quite like The Sims 4. I don’t have a favorite expansion pack. I’m just obsessed with custom content and custom mods haha.

In August, the long-running game franchise went viral after gamers noticed a goofy malfunction this caused some characters in the game to want to date their own family members.

Players on Reddit and other platforms started frantically sharing horrible screenshot through social media, calling out the inappropriate incestuous desires which caused the mother, brother, and sister characters to lust after each other.

Last year, Electronic Arts announcement that fans now have the ability to choose customizable pronouns in “Sims 4” using the Create-a-Sim feature.

The feature allows players to select pronouns including they/they, she/her, or he/him. The component also allows users to create completely original pronouns of their choice.

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