Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Broadcast on Nickelodeon Sparks Memes

The Super Bowl might have more female viewership this year with Taylor Swift front and center, but Nickelodeon has another audience in mind: children.

Though CBS was carrying the Feb. 11 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransisco 49ers, Nickelodeon has been carrying a kid-friendly broadcast — and the internet is erupting.

“The Nickelodeon Super Bowl has been insane,” one viewer wrote on X, accompanied by screenshots from the broadcast that you have to see to believe.

During the opening to the big game, SpongeBob SquarePants performed “Sweet Victory” as shots of the players flashed by among cartoon jellyfish and cutaways to the gang: Patrick Star, Squidward, Sandy Cheeks and Mr. Krabs.

Throughout the game, Dora the Explorer has been popping in to remind viewers of football guidelines, earning her the official title of the NFL’s “rules expert,” per the league’s X account.

When introducing Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, the Nickelodeon broadcast referred to him as “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend” with a cartoon avatar next to the title.

The lower third also read, “Good at football” in all caps.

Another moment showed Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, but superimposed a pirate hat, a parrot and bubbles on the screen. On X, another image showed a 49ers player in an eye patch and mustache.

The children’s broadcast also created fish versions of celebrities, including “Claumuel L. Jackson,” “Doja Catfish,” “Billie Eelish,” “LePrawn James” and “Fin Diesel.” “Herring Styles” and “Oprah Finfrey” were also spotted in the crowd.

Fans online couldn’t get enough of SpongeBob and Patrick as the game commentators.

“Flipped over to the Nickelodeon broadcast…. it’s absolutely electric,” the X user wrote.

In one highlight, Patrick Star had a helpful note for 49ers player Christian McCaffrey after he fumbled the football.

“You have to firmly grasp it,” the cartoon character shouted.

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