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KSI and Joe Weller almost got into a fight after the latter gatecrashed his rival’s weigh-in


A video of KSI almost attacking Joe Weller has gone viral on social media. But what is the feud between them?

Here’s everything you need to know.

KSI and Joe Weller almost exchanged blows after their recent run-in

KSI is getting everyone ready for his fight with Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda in the next boxing match that will take place on August 27th.

However, KSI was bulked up to be around 190lbs after his weigh-ins for both of his fights on Saturday night.

He then went on to talk to broadcaster DAZN but as he did so he noticed Joe Weller standing in the crowd. Regardless, he called him out during his interview.

KSI whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji mentioned, ‘Why this man…why are you standing like this?’

At this time, Weller ran towards KSI likely to attack him. However, he was prevented by the security guards.

Regardless, KSI continued to address him and said, ‘Why is he doing that… h***. Joe Weller, man, I don’t care he’s an ab**ch. He always hated me.’

He added, ‘Knock him out once and I’ll knock him out again. Why are you at this event? Why was it accepted?’

What is the beef between KSI and Joe Weller?

KSI and Joe Weller’s relationship reportedly goes back a long way. It is believed that the two actually hit it off when they first met and became good friends. However, they had a result that turned them into rivals.

In the beginning, rumors began to emerge claiming that their friendship was broken because of a girl. However, Weller denied these speculations during his appearance on the Happy Hour Podcast.

Moreover, the duo has however decided to take their rivalry into the boxing game in 2018. The two of them locked horns in February 2018 at Copper Box Arena in London.

However, the third round was stopped at 1 minute and 30 seconds with KSI emerging as the winners in their match.

After the fight, KSI said, ‘I talked the talk and walked the walk motherf***er. On real thought, Joe you are tougher, much tougher than I thought. Fair play, respect to you for stepping into the ring and giving me a tough battle, bro.

Meanwhile, Weller responded with, ‘Obviously, I’m gutted. I thought we did everything we could do to beat JJ, but he won. Those blows, they stun you. 100% respect, he put in the work, and that power is lethal.’


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