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KSI roasts Austin McBroom after AnEsonGib defeat at Social Gloves boxing event


KSI roasted Austin McBroom after his loss to AnEsonGib in the recent fight at the Social Gloves event. In recent weeks, boxing fans have seen some strong fights. Be it from KSI or someone else, the fans were eager to see a battle happening in the boxing ring. But it looks like KSI had a chance to laugh at McBroom’s loss.

Read on to know more about KSI roasts Austin McBroom over his loss to AnEsonGib.

Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib fight 3>

Last week fans had a great fight to see when they brought Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib to fight in the boxing ring. The Social Gloves event was held at the Banc of California Stadium, Los Angeles. The fight between the duo has been long awaited since July of this year which finally happened.

However, it was AnEsonGib who won the fight defeating Austin McBroom in the fourth round. Before that AnEsonGib knocked McBroom down five times in the ring. That gave AnEsonGib fans a delightful event to watch.

KSI roasts Austin McBroom over his loss to AnEsonGib

Apart from what boxing fans had at California Stadium, Los Angeles. KSI also gave his fans a worthy event to watch a while back. Where he defeated two of his opponents in the boxing ring. As one of the victories for KSI came when he defeated Swarmz. While the other victory came to him by defeating Luis Pineda.

But it seems that the loss of Austin McBroom gave them a chance for KSI to roast him. How recently KSI made some tweets roasting Austin McBroom after his loss to AnEsonGib.

KSI’s tweets after the Austin McBroom loss

After Austin McBroom lost the boxing battle against AnEsonGib. KSI made some tweets that were hard to miss. As in his first tweet, KSI laughed at McBroom about his loss. In his other tweet, he made fun of McBroom for asking $3 million to fight KSI. As his tweet had an image of KSI lying defeated in the boxing ring.

Another KSI tweet caught everyone’s attention as he said that McBroom was like Swarmz that KSI beat easily. However, now fans are excited to see who could be KSI’s next opponent. As fans get ready to watch him fight Jake Paul.

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