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Latest Horror News: A much-anticipated Blumhouse flick gets bombed early as another Stephen King adaptation is coming


Image via Warner Bros.

Slither in for another Fear-tastic Friday, all you ghouls, goblins, and ghosts! At this point in time, it’s safe to say that the colossal horror genre is crawling with a slew of eyebrow-raising goodies even far before the Halloween season. As always, all of these jaw-dropping treasures will be carefully examined in today’s daily horror roundup right here at We Got This Covered. From a long-awaited Blumhouse horror to a bone-chilling Stephen King suddenly looming on the horizon, there’s a wealth of content to keep your eyes peeled for — and we’re not even halfway to spooky season yet.

So, before you start planning your summer drive-ins to experience a few cinematic horrors, follow along as we dissect the latest updates in the spooky world.

Another Stephen King adaptation is on the way, and we’re absolutely ready

Image via Warner Bros.

If projects like Welcome to Derry and The Boogeyman weren’t enough, then horror die-hards will be completely enthralled to learn that a fresh-faced Stephen King adaptation is on the way. And, luckily for fans, the upcoming flick, The Monkey, has already scooped up Insidious director James Wan to produce. Truth be told, just the mere mention of these two names next to each other is enough of a reason to be hyped — with the film’s bone-chilling premise serving as the cherry on top.

It’s still a complete travesty that we were robbed of an iconic final girl

I Know What You Did Last Summer horror
Image via Columbia Pictures

During the height of the slasher trend, 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer electrified the genre and introduced audiences to a blood-stained extravaganza. And while there’s no discounting that the slasher flick welcomed a variety of scintillating characters, there’s one character in particular that stands the test of time — and that would be Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Nearly 30 years later, the entire fandom is still mourning her loss, with many expressing that she should have been the undisputed final girl.

The resounding disappointment for the new Exorcist sequel is truly frightening

'The Exorcist' shuns original director for reboot
Image via Warner Bros.

Without a doubt, the OG Exorcist film from the ‘70s is an organic piece of cinema that should very well be hanging in The Louvre at this point. That being said, David Gordon Green’s once-anticipated sequel hasn’t exactly matched similar hype — and that film has yet to even hit theaters. After early screenings in NYC, viewers were apparently not thrilled with the supernatural horror, with many scratching their heads and wondering why a sequel was even necessary in the first place. Not a good look, that’s for sure.

Crawl back in here on Monday, King kids, for a brand-new horror roundup.

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