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Laura Woods plays peacemaker as Newcastle fan’s wife wants him banned from talkSPORT


Laura Woods attempted to act as a peacemaker for a Newcastle fan and his partner who hilariously wanted him banned from talkSPORT.

Newcastle fanatic Lee celebrated late on Monday night after his side secured a Champions League return for the first time in 20 years.

Newcastle are back in the Champions League after 20 years away

His celebrations took to the airwaves when he decided to share his jubilation with Sports Bar hosts Jamie O’Hara and Jason Cundy.

Lee was in no mood to curb his joy despite his partner Holly’s attempt to sleep in before work on Tuesday and the sports bar crew only made things worse for Holly.

He was encouraged to wake up his partner to tell her she was going on a European tour next season.

But her antics dropped like a lead balloon when Holly picked up the phone and told the Sports Bar: ‘It’s like every time I can’t just go to bed. You know what you have to do, you have to ban him from this show.

After a few hours of sleep, the pair took their differences to talkSPORT breakfast on Tuesday morning where Woods tried to mediate.

Asked about Lee’s eccentric antics on Monday night, Holly was still not happy with how events unfolded.

“I should have known last night,” she said. “I was half asleep and all I could hear was this din coming from downstairs and I had no idea what was going on.

“Next thing he pushes the phone into my ear.”

Woods then asked him if Champions League football and the prospect of six more games would make life even more difficult for him next season.

Holly replied: “Oh, definitely, 100%.

“I mean, I’m happy for them and everything but I just want to go to bed and it just goes on and on!”

Woods noticed Lee looking a little more sheepish after his late night celebrations and asked Holly if he was in the bad books with her?

Laura Woods plays peacemaker as Newcastle fan's wife wants him banned from talkSPORT
Toon Army can look forward to welcoming Europe’s big boys to St James’ Park
sky sports

“Yes he is,” Holly replied. “Because I’m trying to sleep to go to work and he just wants to go on and on about Newcastle and I have to wake up and start over!”

Woods then gave the floor to Lee to apologize to Holly on national radio and although it looked like an empty gesture, he told his partner, “I’m sorry.”

Despite all the chaos Lee continues to create for Holly, he admits there is “no chance” of bringing her to the continent for a European away day next season.

Instead, he agreed to take her out for a bite to eat for her troubles.


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