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Lauren Boebert slams ‘lopsided’ Marjorie Taylor Greene after swearing to chill her


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) recently said she wants to “turn the temperature down a notch” now that Republicans control the House — but she still reserves choice words for her far-right colleague in the Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R- Georgia.).

“I was asked to explain MTG’s beliefs about Jewish space lasers, why she showed up at a white supremacist conference. … I’m just not going to go,” Boebert told The Associated Press in an interview during the House Speaker election, referring to one of Greene’s most derided conspiracy theories. “She wants to say all those things and seem off balance on Twitter, so be it.”

Boebert and Greene, while on the same swath of the political spectrum, apparently don’t share a warm relationship at the moment. The pair have sparred publicly in recent weeks over Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s candidacy for House Speaker, which Greene has fervently backed – breaking away from a bloc of fellow far-right Republicans.

Last month, Boebert lashed out at Greene at a conservative conference in Phoenix, criticizing her for believing nonsensical conspiracy theories and supporting McCarthy as a speaker. Greene fired back on Twitter, accusing Boebert of “high school drama” and noting that the Colorado Republican won re-election by a hair’s breadth.

Boebert was among the most prominent holdouts against the McCarthy’s House leadership bid. However, on the 14th and 15th ballots, she switched from supporting other candidates to “present” voting, helping to pave the way for McCarthy to finally take the hammer.

In an interview last month with CBS Colorado, Boebert said she plans to tone down her impassioned rhetoric now that Republicans are leading the House, based on feedback from her constituents, who re-elected her in November by a surprisingly slim margin. .

“I think the big takeaway from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard from voters is that I’m right about the policies, but everyone’s ready for Washington, D.C., to bring down the temperature up a notch,” she said. “And I’m very excited and optimistic that we have the opportunity to do that now.”

In the same Associated Press interview in which she criticized Greene, Boebert noted that her close re-election “opened my eyes to another chance to do everything I promised to do.”

According to Boebert, this involves focusing on implementing the policies she ran on rather than “owning the left” and working to reduce conflict and “bring unity.”

During his first term, Boebert built a national profile of extremism, fiercely embracing unfettered gun rights, religious rhetoric and sycophantic support for former President Donald Trump. While ridiculing Greene for believing in so-called “Jewish space lasers,” Boebert also flirted with conspiracy nonsense, after expressing support for the QAnon movement, which argues that a vast network of pedophiles is controlled by key Democratic Party leaders and donors.

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