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Made In America: Kodak Black criticized Jay-Z for stopping him from performing after arriving late


Kodak Black recently crashed Jay-Z’s Made In America festival in Philadelphia after organizers prevented him from performing after showing up late for his performance. On Saturday night, September 3rd, Kodak Black jumped on his Instagram Stories and posted a video of himself blasting the organizers of the 2022 Made In America festival for preventing him from performing since he appeared late. The South Florida rapper was booked to perform at 6:45 pm at the Liberty Stage earlier that night.

Aye, Made In America, man I have no idea what’s going on. This first show nigga to late too, and nigga can’t perform. No cash, no part of that shit, he said. Jay-Z, who runs this shit. Roc Nation, Live Nation, whatever the fuck. You all get better. This first show nigga a few minutes late to, and what a bitch in the world? Yak then, at that point, posted an angry message to MIA coordinators about his treatment at the Made In America festival. He wrote with the entire capsule.

Kodak Black posted another message on his Instagram account with a man raising his shoulder emoticon, he wrote, MADE IN AMERICA SOME BULLSHIT. IF THE ARTIST COMES LATE THEY KEEP ALL THE MONEY EVEN THE PEOPLE PAID FOR THEIR TICKETS. IT IS NOT IMPORTANT TO PUT THE ARTIST ON STAGE TO ACCOMMODATE THE FANS. First SHOW THAT YOU SHOULD NOT SEND NIGGA HALF FONT END DEPOSIT! That’s why they don’t care TO MAKE THE DEFECT TO CONTINUE!!! THO PULL. Kodak finished the letter with an apology related to obscenity, FUCK EM and FUCK DAT TOUR TOO! AGENCY MAC[poop emoticon ] LIFE [poop emoticon].

Kodak Black Slams Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival for not stopping him from performing after showing up late

Made In America 2022 is going all out, and, unsurprisingly, the festival has a stacked setup. On Saturday, Tyler, The Creator appeared, and Lil Uzi Vert, Jazmine Sullivan, Pusha T, and JID all performed as well. A major name that was obviously missing yesterday was Kodak Black, who was initially scheduled to perform at 6:45. Florida rapper Kodak Black was apparently banned from performing as he showed up late.

In a video out and about through social media, Kodak Black tended to the incident. The sound is sharp and, however obviously Kodak Black is miserable. He seems to say, This is the first show I’ve been late for and I can’t do it. Then, at that point, he proceeds to go down on Jay-Z and Live Nation for being so strict and claims he was only thirty minutes late.

As he accounts on Twitter, what should have been Kodak Black’s set turned out to be packed by his DJ, who kept promising that the ‘Wake Up in the Sky’ rapper would come out at any moment. So Kodak Black’s DJ spent a decent 30 minute delay, in any case, saying that Kodak Black was in the building and playing an entrance song only for Made In America to report that he wasn’t coming 10 minutes before the his set should END, composed @ JBShifman.

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